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A wedding in a blessed state.

Pregnant wedding dress 5 months pregnant tailored by De Marco

Exclusive wedding dress for the pregnant bride

Choosing a wedding dress is a magical and eagerly awaited moment, although often also a stressful one. Every bride wants to look beautiful on her special day. But what if we are going to the wedding while pregnant?Do we have to give up our dream dress? Certainly not only do we not have to, but in fact – we shouldn’t!

Whether you wish to discreetly hide your condition,
or show it off to “the whole world”. – at our Atelier we will create a gown,
that will delight and make you feel special.
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Pregnant wedding dress

The dream wedding dress should make an impression on those gathered and make the bride feel special on that day.When entering the wedding in a blessed state, the necessary comfort of the bride is certainly just as important as the appearance.Even if the growing belly is not yet so visible – as this depends on the individual predisposition of each woman – the dress must certainly not restrict movement, put pressure or cause any other discomfort.What is important is that, regardless of whether it is a typical wedding dress or a dress or set for a civil wedding – it must be designed in such a way that it gives a feeling of comfort, whether standing or sitting.

Growing pregnancy belly – hide or expose? Wedding dress 5 months pregnant

Just as the size of a pregnant belly in, say, the 4th or 6th month of pregnancy – can vary greatly, so do the expectations of brides when it comes to a wedding outfit for the mother-to-be.

There are a number of ladies preparing for their wedding who wish to ‘share their happiness with the world’. In this case, the bride opts for a pregnancy-exposing creation that will highlight her radiant beauty as a mother-to-be.

To accentuate the blessed state – among the many proposals, it is worth noting the possibility of using gently clinging but nicely working elastic lace.Wedding dresses loosely referring to mermaid/fish style creations, for example, will also look beautiful.

The blessed state should not derail dreams and plans for a wedding outfit.It is worth enlisting the professional help of a designer who will take into account not only our aesthetic preferences, but above all our changing dimensions up to the wedding day.

Exclusive wedding dress for pregnant brides Designing unique wedding dresses.

Pregnancy wedding dress 3/ 5/ 6 months pregnant tailored by De Marco

A wedding in a blessed state.

For brides who want to keep their joy on that day for themselves and their future husband – gowns such as the Empire style (with a high waist) or the A-shape are perfect.Boho style gowns, characterised by beautiful, yet casual cuts, are also worthy of special attention.

Bespoke design and sewing. The way to a perfect fit.

Whether we want to discreetly conceal a pregnancy or use the wedding to announce the Joyful News to all – the key, for a spectacular effect, is to match the dress not only to our dreams and character, but above all to the changing conditions of the figure.

For this reason, the best solution is to seek professional help – design and bespoke sewing in our Atelier.

As De Marco, we will take care of the right cut – one that not only embodies your dreams, but also gives you the opportunity to possibly widen and adjust your dress. We will also select a fabric that will add a touch of glamour to the creation, while ensuring that it is comfortable to wear.

It is worthwhile at this doubly-special moment to trust the expertise and experience of our Atelier, making your celebration an amazing, joyful and stress-free event.

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