Ekskluzywne stylizacje sylwestrowe 2022 Suknie balowe i wieczorowe od projektanta.

New Year’s Eve 2023 looks

Extravagant suit, unique dress or exclusive New Year’s Eve 2022 dress ?

New Year’s Eve night has a special, symbolic meaning for us. It is a time of farewell, of closure and of stepping boldly into new challenges. For our attitude to what the future will bring us, it is therefore important what style we face the New Year with.Just as red lipstick can give us confidence and energy, a successful creation in which we feel special can help us in the fight to make our dreams and plans a reality in the New Year.Here are our tips for New Year’s Eve outfits in which you will feel confident, comfortable and, above all, beautiful.

Appropriate to the occasion

Our New Year’s Eve outfit should definitely depend on the type of party we are attending. A dress for a less formal gathering of close friends and acquaintances will obviously differ from an outfit for a ball, for example. The key here must be our sense of good taste and elegance.

The sensual Idalia evening dress,
will be great for a private gathering
with close friends and acquaintances.

The Juno long-sleeved evening gown
is a creation in which you will present yourself beautifully
at an elegant ball

Thelong-sleeved Lolita dress – a perfect example that at a private,
less formal event, you can also go chic.

Elegant long-sleeved formal dresses for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. De Marco’s chic styles available on the online shop under the name Hymena II.

A beautiful body line always demands to be accentuated. De Marco exclusive New Year’s Eve dress.

New Year’s Eve is a time when we can indulge in a “bit” of madness to emphasise our courage and openness to what the New Year will bring us. However, it’s good to stay true to what we know about ourselves and our strengths.So when choosing a party dress, let’s keep in mind what to highlight and what we want to cover up to look truly spectacular.

De Marco exclusive evening set sleeveless blouse and trousers. Luxurious Margaux New Year’s Eve styling.

Exclusive jacket and dress for New Year’s Eve 2022. Elegant black styling with Boromea I feathers.

Simplicity – the secret of true elegance

Although many associate New Year’s Eve with sparkly sequins and glamour, the real beauty lies in simplicity and refined elegance .Remember – balls and various celebrations are most likely to be laden with decorations, lights and opulence. In such a setting, it is the classics, the mystery and the unique, inimitable style that will attract attention.

Exclusive Nadine sequin ball gowns available on De Marco’s online shop

Are you keen to emphasise a strong character and stance?We recommend insanely fashionable women’s evening suits .

New Year’s Eve, a night of madness

It is always worthwhile, especially on the threshold of the New Year, to allow yourself a bit of madness or risk stepping out of your comfort zone, which is the safe, everyday costume.Such “controlled” madness will clear the mind, allowing you to see new possibilities, predispositions and opportunities. New Year’s Eve outfits can include unusual colours, cuts and accessories. Everything, however, should be carefully chosen to suit your colour type, figure and style – so that you feel special, just as special as the night is – but still remain yourself.

Original evening set with silk trousers. Luxurious Florence prom styling.

Exclusive New Year’s Eve dress with feathers at the bottom De Marco Wanessa evening dress

A bespoke feathered New Year’s Eve dress with no shoulders is a gorgeous option for 30 year olds and 40 year olds. Unique dresses for New Year’s Eve, weddings and other balls by Nessa.

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