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Designer wedding dress. A dream wedding dress

In order to be able to fulfil our innermost dreams and at the same time wear a wedding dress that will perfectly match our expectations and vision – we offer the possibility of using the service of designing a unique wedding dress in our Atelier.

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What should you consider before visiting the Atelier? What should guide you in planning your wedding outfit?

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A wedding dress in your own style

Among wedding dresses, we can distinguish basically 4 styling directions to consider:

  • Glamour

Glamour wedding creations are gowns full of glamour and rich embellishments, most strongly associated with the royal style. Its characteristics are a beautifully shaped neckline and a long train.

  • Retro

Particular bridal creations, inspired by the old cuts of our grandmothers, styled in the style of yesteryear. This style is extremely varied, as the cuts and materials used depend on the fashion trends we wish to follow.

  • Boho

These are wedding dresses full of lightness and “captured freedom”. Lace and transparency are king here. Boho style dresses are romantic and delicate. Loose, free-flowing cuts predominate, often referring to hippie culture or ethnic art.

  • Modern

A dress with a bold and avant-garde cut, often shorter than traditional, drawing attention with unusual accessories, original textures or asymmetrical cuts.

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The perfect cut

We divide wedding dresses into several basic cuts, which – due to their lines and distinctive features – shift the focus to a specific part of the body. It is therefore worth considering in particular what we want to highlight in our silhouette and what to conceal discreetly and with taste.Among the most popular we can distinguish cuts:

  • Empire,A dress with this cut is primarily a high waist with an often high-cut neckline. It excellently masks a protruding tummy and a poorly defined waist, while optically adding a few centimetres of height.
  • Classic/straight,This cut will look best on women with a slightly rounded shape, with a nice cut-out at the waist.Characterised by a straight line throughout.

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  • Mermaid /Fish,A dress consisting of a fitted, very feminine bodice and a spectacularly flared bottom (importantly, the flare starts at thigh/knee level – depending on the silhouette). Often the flared hem is completed with a train.This cut looks particularly good on proportional, feminine silhouettes.
  • Princesse,The most classic, associated with a royal ball gown, a creation usually characterised by a tied bodice and a spreading bottom (usually on a circle).
  • Letter A,One of the more versatile cuts that allows you to discreetly slim your silhouette while concealing wider hips or thighs.Characterised by a narrow top and a widening bottom, in the classic version aiming for an A-shape, optionally trapeze.

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Wedding dress from the designer Wladyslawa Frączek

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Kolor to podstawa

More and more women are choosing to move away from classic white towards more striking colours or pastel colours.The vast majority, however, stay true to tradition and look for a wedding dress in white.

It is worth remembering that when it comes to bridal creations, white is quite a broad concept and it is worth taking advantage of this. It is worth remembering that when it comes to bridal creations, white is a rather broad term and it is worth taking advantage of this. Not everyone – due to their colour type – will be suited to pure white.If you have a favourite shade of white, it is worth taking no chances and opting for just such a shade.

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If you have problems, we recommend that you rely on professional advice and assistance from a stylist, colourist or, above all, a designer who, based on their knowledge and experience, will help you choose the right shade.

The neckline in a wedding dress – how to choose?

The issue of the neckline used in a wedding dress is of great importance – because it is a kind of complement, giving the possibility of modelling the silhouette in such a way that it looks best.Of the different types, we can distinguish, among others:

  • boat neckline (by optically widening the shoulders – perfect for those with a poorly defined waistline),
  • Spanish neckline (optically widens very small shoulders to improve the proportions of the figure, e.g. pear-shaped type),
  • V-neck variations (great for women with smaller busts),
  • dekolt caro (doskonały dla kobiet z większym biustem i krótszą szyją) ,
  • heart (beautifully exposing the upper part of the body) ,
  • asymmetrical (one of the more versatile types of neckline, working well for women with both larger and smaller breasts).

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Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most exciting and stressful decisions we will have to make while preparing for this most important day – which is getting married.Therefore, to meet your needs and expectations – we invite you to contact our Atelier and make an appointment with our designer and stylist – Władysława Frączek.

To make an appointment simplycontact our office by phone or use the online shop.

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The combination of knowledge, experience, artistic soul and a great sense of style – is sure to result in a one-of-a-kind wedding dress – which will also be your dream come true.

  • We would like to thank you for the opportunity to use the photographs of our client, Ms Angelika Oleksińska, who, on her special wedding day, decided to have her dress designed and sewn in our Atelier.

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Exclusive unique wedding dresses made to measure with a designer.

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