De Marco leganckie polskie ubrania inne niż wszystkie. Po czym poznać jakość ubrań?

De Marco elegant Polish clothes different from the rest. How do you know the quality of a garment?

De Marco elegant Polish clothes different from the rest. How do you know good quality clothes?

How to buy good quality clothes? Polish clothes of good quality

Elegant Polish garments are unique works of craftsmanship that stand out for their excellent workmanship. How do you know if a garment is of a high level of craftsmanship? The key is excellent seams that are evenly run and do not pull the fabric. Sophisticated and interesting cuts require a lot of tailoring experience, linings of good quality and carefully sewn in, poofs and veneers, etc. these subtle details determine the uniqueness of a creation.

Ekskluzywna moda i odzież damska - sklep internetowy De Marco wyjątkowe ubrania dobrej jakości

This is particularly evident in classic pencil dresses, where the seams perfectly bring out the assets of the figure. Excellent quality formalwear is characterised by a carefully sewn-in lining. A discreet finishing pleat adds elegance. In addition, the cut should taper towards the knees, making the silhouette look much better.

What fabric, should good quality clothes be made of?

What are the best materials to buy clothes from?

Jak kupować ubrania dobrej jakości? Jak poznać ekskluzywną odzież?

Another key to recognising good quality is the fabric used. Fabrics should be pleasant to the touch and breathable. Eco-certified cotton is recommended for the composition of baby fabrics; the high concentration of pesticides in mass production can cause allergies. Sportswear, on the other hand, uses a blend of polyester, polyamide and silver fibres, which are durable and breathable, allowing them to be used for many years.

In the casual and formal wear industry, you can find 100% natural fabrics or high-quality blends. Refining blends are ideal when you want to look formal, formal or businesslike, as they will reduce the tendency for natural fibres to warp, which will have a positive effect on the appearance of the creation.

For outerwear such as coats and jackets, we recommend 100% wool or blends. These are warm noble fabrics that are perfect for everyday wear.

Ecological clothing

How do you know good quality clothes?

To be fashionable and eco-friendly, it is advisable to choose clothes in a casual style, which allows you to combine elegant, stylish and sporty elements. Creations with unique cuts that are not mass-produced will always be in fashion. Good quality garments last a long time and do not have to be discarded every season, so there is no need to stock up on new garments. Sophisticated tailored blazers will work for many outfits, as will basic formal dresses or elegant trousers, skirts and blouses. They can be used to create many interesting compositions that can express your style and level of culture. Invest, for example, in fewer clothes of very good quality and you will save time, money, wardrobe space and have a positive impact on the environment.

Where can you buy good quality clothes?

Quality clothing De Marco online shop .

Polish fashion brands such as De Marco offer a wide selection of cuts and bespoke tailoring, taking into account the individual preferences of female customers. De Marco’s creations are created for professional, exclusive styling, which can be systematically complemented by completing a professional capsule wardrobe.

De Marco Polskie ubrania dobrej jakości. Sklep internetowy z elegancką odzieżą damską szytą na miarę

De Marco is a Polish luxury clothing brand that offers the possibility to order bespoke tailoring online in its webshop, allowing every customer to feel unique and stylish.


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