Ekskluzywne garnitury wieczorowe, garsonki i kostiumy damskie Co założyć na premierę w teatrze, operze, filharmonii? Jak się ubrać na galę rozdania nagród, wieczorowe wydarzenia kulturowe, kolację dyplomatyczną.

How to dress for the opera, philharmonic? Elegant evening looks from De Marco

How to dress for the opera, philharmonic? Elegant evening looks from De Marco. Exclusive evening suits, suits and costumes for women

A visit to the philharmonic or opera house is definitely a special event, requiring an equally special setting. So how should you dress for the opera to look and feel elegant and appropriate to the occasion? What to wear to the philharmonic? Here are our timeless, exclusive De Marco women’s evening suits and suits – perfect for a visit to the opera.

Jak się ubrać do opery, filharmonii? Eleganckie stylizacje wieczorowe De Marco Ekskluzywne garnitury damskie, garsonki i kostiumy damskie szyte na miarę

Our client, Member of the Management Board of the Malopolska Region, Ms Iwona Gibas wore an exclusive,black De Marco – Kamila I, evening suit from the Chrystian IX collection to the premiere of the play “Copernicus” at the Krakow Opera House, which was also the culmination of the Krakow part of the World Copernican Congress. Source: malopolska.pl

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How to dress for the opera, philharmonic? De Marco’s glamorous evening looks

Communing with so-called high culture is an excellent opportunity to get away from everyday worries, to stop and to calm down. A visit to the Philharmonic or the Opera House, provides an opportunity to enrich oneself, surround oneself with beauty and develop a sometimes deeply hidden sensitivity. Therefore, as this is a special place and moment, care should be taken to ensure that our attire reflects this special atmosphere and, at the same time, is a testimony of our appreciation and respect for both the place and the people working there.For a visit to the opera, the most appropriate, according to the accepted dress code rules, would be formal evening wear. For men, the most appropriate attire is a dark suit, or (depending on the importance of the event) a dinner jacket or tailcoat. For women – cocktail dresses in high-quality materials, preferably in darker colours, or evening suits and ladies’ evening suits are recommended.

Exclusive evening suits, suits and costumes for women De Marco INTERNET SHOP .

Ekskluzywne wieczorowe garnitury damskie, luksusowe wieczorowe garsonki i kostiumy De Marco na premierę opery, do filharmonii, na galę i balę

Formal suit with evening character with knee-length skirt – Kamila I is the choice of our client, Mrs Iwona Gibas. The exclusive set of skirt with matching jacket is a proposal with asymmetrical closure line and gold lace decoration. The refined cut perfectly emphasises the beauty of the female silhouette – the waistline and tempting curves. Black is a timeless synonym for elegance – very suitable for special moments at the philharmonic hall, theatre or opera.

For ladies who prefer creations with trousers – we offer a version of the Kamila set, in the option with elegant formal trousers – with a halter top. The Kamila II evening formal suit with trousers beautifully elongates and slims the silhouette, perfectly matching with elegant stilettos or pumps.

Ekskluzywne wieczorowe stylizacje do opery, filharmonii, na rozdanie nagród, na galę wręczenia nagrody, na dyplomatyczną kolację De Marco luksusowa odzież damska

The perfect choice for an evening visit to the Opera House is the beautiful black Hana I suit, a cut reminiscent of the elegance of a man’s tailcoat. The Hana I is a luxurious styling that beautifully shapes the silhouette, especially for ladies who want to add a touch of feminine curves to their figure. The extended back of the jacket nicely exposes the buttocks, and the flared hemline – beautifully rounding the hips – is especially recommended for women with slim, petite figures. The perfectly accentuated shoulders add prestige and aristocratic character.

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Eleganckie wieczorowy garnitur damki szyty na miarę De Marco

The opera house is definitely a place where we can indulge in much more daring and sensual femininity in styling. For confident and daring women, the perfect choice would be the luxurious black women’s evening suit – Laurel. Thanks to their captivating simplicity and minimalism, De Marco’s women’s suits from the Laur line – will pair perfectly with seductive, statement jewellery.

A visit to the opera – trendy black styles by De Marco

For a complete and coherent evening outfit, it is important to remember not only the outfit itself, but also the right accessories. It is not appropriate to wear summer sandals or boots – even in the coldest weather. A beautiful, stylish suit or evening dress will not be properly presented – if it is not accompanied by the right shoes.It is also important to take care of the right handbag. Large, bulky bags should definitely be avoided, even if they are really beautiful and of good quality. For evening wear, we recommend a style-matched clutch or box-type evening bag.

Exclusive evening suits, suits and costumes for women

What to wear to a premiere at the theatre, opera, philharmonic? How to dress for an awards gala, an evening cultural event, a diplomatic dinner.

A beautifully tailored, stately women’s suit evening suit such as the Miranda evening formal suit, is the perfect option for an evening at the Opera or Philharmonic.

Exclusive evening suits, suits and costumes for women

The glamour style is perfect for the Opera House or the Philharmonic. For lovers of unconventional finery – we recommend the beautiful Boromea II set – a formal dress of the “little black” type with a jacket finely decorated with feathers and sequins.

We encourage you to explore our De Marco online shop, where you will find more luxury visit suits and women’s evening suits.


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