Kto ubiera się u projektantki ubrań Pierwszej Damy Agaty Dudy?

Elegant and fashionable suit for church/civil wedding 2023

What to wear to a wedding at 30, 40, 50, 60? De Marco wedding suits. The most fashionable suit for your wedding 2023

How do you choose the perfect suit for your wedding so that you look and feel beautiful and special? When making your dreams and plans a reality, it’s worth taking advantage of the design and bespoke sewing options at our Atelier De Marco. This will ensure that your wedding styling is unique, original and perfectly tailored to our needs.

The opportunity to design and sew your dream wedding creation for you is always a great responsibility, but also a great honour and pleasure. Our Atelier creates both individually designed wedding dresses, as well as elegant costumes, civil wedding dresses or luxurious suits. Pictured: a stylish wedding suit, with a maxi skirt designed and tailored to order by our wonderful client.

De Marco wedding suits

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De Marco daytime formal suits. Chic tailored styling.

The bespoke wedding suit. The way to get the wedding dress of your dreams

What to wear to the wedding at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70…. years? How to dress for your own church wedding at a ripe old age?

In choosing the perfect wedding dress, we should first and foremost be guided by the importance of the ceremony and our individual figure and (just as importantly!) preferences. This is because even the best chosen creation for the shape and type of figure, which does not take into account the dreams and well-being in the created creation, will bring disappointment and discomfort rather than joy and satisfaction. Therefore, our atelier offers not only the possibility of make-to-measure selected from our wide range of bridal creations, but also the opportunity for the designer to create designed individually..

Exclusive styling for the young lady in her 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s….Exclusive styling for the young lady in her 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s….

Exclusive bridal suit with feathers and long skirt in shades of white

A civil or church wedding is a special occasion for which one of the most suitable outfits, besides a dress, is an elegant suit or a formal day dress. This was the choice of one of our clients, who asked our Atelier to prepare a wedding suit with a long skirt and striking embellishment on the shoulder.

As her wedding styling, our client chose an exceptionally elegant white suit with a long skirt – designed for her by Władysława Frączek.

For a civil or church wedding, although it is not a rule, it is advisable that the creation is sewn from high-quality materials and light colours. The most popular and referring to the traditional wedding dress are shades of white, although pastels, ashes, silver or gold are also quite popular. When choosing your dream creation, it is worth considering which colours we look better in – this depends primarily on our type of beauty and whether we represent a cool or warm type.

In principle, white suits everyone, but it is good to choose the right shade, and there are many. In this matter, it is also advisable to rely on the knowledge, experience and support of a designer, who will advise, which shade of white will illuminate the face, optically rejuvenate it and create the effect of a radiant and rested face.

The mature young lady. The most fashionable styles from Polish designers. De Marco online shop. A suit, a ladies suit or a wedding dress for a 30 year old, a 40 year old, a 50 year old, a 60 year old, a 70 year old….

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An exclusive bespoke wedding suit. How to choose the right sleeve?

In wedding proposals based on the set of skirt or fitted dress with jacket, due to the rank of the ceremony, the best are long-sleeved suits or suits with 3/4 sleeves or, for warmer days, models with 3/4 sleeves. If we care about short sleeves in the wedding styling, we definitely recommend beautiful and elegant formal dresses in shades of white, e.g. a beautiful, smooth dress Marlen II or the flared Macarena.

The cut of the jacket sleeve itself can take many forms. Extremely casual, extending towards the bottom, often with a frill or pleat – butterfly sleeve, as in our Mirela jacket – will prove especially useful for ladies whose figure proportions need to be emphasised at the shoulder line. It will look best on ladies with figures characterised by wider hips, rounder bottom or more massive thighs. Balloon-type sleeves are also very popular, extending strongly downwards and usually topped with a cuff, like the jacket of our Gracja costume. This cut is perfect for ladies wishing to subtly cover up arm or shoulder imperfections.

The bell sleeve chosen by our client adds a romantic touch to the styling, while it is particularly suitable for women who want to optically slim their shoulders.

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An elegant costume for the bride. Harmony in length

De Marco wedding suits

In a standard daytime formal costume, the skirt should reach to the knees or come close to this length (deviations in both directions are allowed). In the case of a suit for the bride, wishing to refer to the traditional wedding dress, you can also successfully opt for a 7/8 or maxi length. The rule we should keep in mind, however, is the harmony between the lengths of the costume elements. The longer the skirt, the better it looks with a shorter jacket and vice versa. This relationship is not the result of rigid and artificial rules, but of practice – too long elements, both jacket and skirt, will unnecessarily disrupt the harmony of the styling, making it ‘heavy’ and disproportionate. Too short – inappropriate to the solemnity of the place and circumstances.

Our client’s chosen maxi skirt further slims and elongates the silhouette thanks to its single-colour styling and high slit revealing the shapely leg.

We would like to thank our client for the opportunity to use the photos on our website, while thanking her for her trust and wishing her all the best for her New Way of Life.

Luxurious feathered wedding suit. The magic of accessories.

Modern tailored women’s suits at De Marco

Accessories and finishing touches can also be crucial in designing the perfect suit for a wedding, specifically adding dignity, character and prestige to the whole look. Such eye-catching “nuances” often raise the status of the outfit, making it (or its elements) successfully usable for great and important cultural, family or professional events in the future.The element that crowns the chic and elegance of a beautiful suit designed and sewn to the individual order of our client is a fancy composition of fashionable feathers in the colour of the creation, decorating the breast and shoulder.

We would also like to invite you to take a look at our range of luxury accessories and accessories from our brand. An exclusive fascinator, a brooch, a belt or gloves – if well-chosen and consistent with both our outfit and our character – will be the element which will make the proverbial ‘dot over the i’ in our wedding styling.

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