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Bespoke wedding dresses. Wedding trends 2023

Bespoke wedding dresses. Wedding trends 2023

What are the most fashionable wedding fashion trends of 2023? Wedding dresses this year are all about variety, as well as a nod to classics and chic elegance. Here are the stunning, original styles for brides from our Atelier De Marco.

Diversity will reign supreme in bridal fashion for 2023, so every bride is sure to find something for herself. At our Atelier De Marco, we offer the possibilityof designing and sewing a bespoke wedding dress of your dreams, which will emphasise the character, beauty and individual style of every woman planning that special day of the Wedding and Wedding.

Wedding dress with feathers and floral motifs

One of the increasingly popular trends in wedding fashion, and not only, are the fanciful decorations of creations with feathers. The use of feathers, woven into wedding dresses or ensembles enchanting with their simple lines, gives the styling a completely new, light character, at the same time being an extremely elegant and sophisticated creation.

The Mia bridal gown combines the allure and chic of a classic long gown with the addition of a hand-formed beaded and feather applique.

Wedding dresses fancifully decorated with floral motifs, embroidery or beads will also be popular in 2023. In contrast to other trends, flowers become the central, key element of the entire styling, making the creation unique and one-of-a-kind. Floral motifs beautifully accentuate the bride’s beauty, adding delicacy and subtlety.

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Airy and romantic. Cascade wedding dress with ruffles 2023

If you are dreaming of a wedding dress that overflows with subtle sex appeal and emphasises your feminine charm – the delicate airy cascade dress is definitely the ideal choice. Alongside feminine lace or floral motifs, ruffles and asymmetrical cuts that reveal the legs are one of the most interesting wedding fashion trends of 2023.

Simple bespoke wedding dress at De Marco Wedding Salon- order online. The most beautiful minimalist wedding dresses from a designer in Malopolska. 

The Exclusive Cascade Pola wedding dress with frills is a combination of chic simplicity and romance. Soft, girly ruffles for a spectacular look, exceptional comfort and style. The waist is further accentuated with a beautiful crystal belt.

Minimalist, simple wedding dress for female admirers of retro style – Klara. Wedding styling referring to the creations of the Golden Era Hollywood movie stars. The perfect finishing touch to the creation could be the white pearls, which are making a comeback, flirtatiously adorning the open back.

A modest, minimalist bespoke wedding dress is ideal for women with sophisticated taste who are not easily satisfied by standard offerings. De Marco Wedding Trends 2023

De Marco’s sleek wedding dresses. The exquisite and flirtatious minimalistStella wedding dress with back neckline is an absolute hit for 2023. The wide, richly decorated with crystals belt and the vertical pleating of the dress in the back beautifully emphasise the allure of the female figure.

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The most fashionable timeless minimalist wedding dresses. The simplicity and elegance of De Marco

Simple, plain wedding dresses are still an extremely popular trend, thanks to which the “main role” in the bride’s styling is played above all by natural charm, charm and allure. The sparing use of accessories, textures and embellishments makes the dress the ideal setting for the bride’s beauty and seductive curves. Styles based on classic wedding dresses are all about delicacy and femininity.

The perfect retro-style wedding dress. Elpidia wedding dress in the classic romantic style of a Greek goddess.

Smooth wedding dresses are a real challenge for a professional. All cuts and seams have to be perfect, as they will not be masked by frills or richly textured fabric. The fabric, in turn, must fit the designer’s brief, hence the importance of experience in the choice of materials. In simple and classic forms, it is necessary to demonstrate extraordinary tailoring and technological craftsmanship. These are the styles that dominate the royal salons and take part in the races for the most tasteful ball styling. 

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An extremely important element in minimalist compositions is a strong decorative accent. This collection features a glamour belt studded with zircons. It adds an evening touch to the entire outfit and tastefully emphasises the figure.

Wedding trends 2023 Minimalist wedding dresses made-to-measure by a designer from Malopolska. De Marco Wedding dress modest and elegant.

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