Najmodniejszy garnitur damski na wesele 2023

The most fashionable women’s suit for the 2023 wedding and beyond

Most fashionable women’s suit for wedding 2023

De Marco branded Polish clothing.

One of the most fashionable wedding trends of the passing season and certainly of 2023 are women’s suits and sets with trousers. What is the secret behind the popularity of trouser suits for weddings? How do you create different formal outfits from one suit? Here is our fashionable Erna women’s suit in three stunning looks.

The most fashionable women’s suit for the 2023 wedding and beyond

Women’s suit for a wedding? The Erna trouser in a muted pastel colour scheme is a creation with huge possibilities that is sure to become a base for a variety of looks, not just for family celebrations.

What kind of women’s suit for a wedding?

Najmodniejszy garnitur damski na wesele 2023
Fashionable women’s suits for wedding 2023 De Marco

Women’s trouser and suit for a wedding – perfect for everyone!

Which women’s suits are fashionable? De Marco’s most fashionable women’s suits

Styling and wedding creations with trousers is a versatile way to look elegant, comfortable and above all beautiful. The most important thing is certainly the right cut – both the jacket and the trousers. Suitably styled and tailored to your figure, they will skilfully emphasise the strengths of your figure and discreetly conceal any flaws.Women’s suits or trouser sets have been triumphing on the wedding dance floor for a long time – and with good reason. Although they are traditionally associated with classic, elegant menswear, they have a certain something about them that underlines the femininity, subtlety and delicacy of the female figure in a unique way.

The women’s suit is invariably one of the most fashionable wedding looks, especially when, as in the case of our women’s Erna suit – it features an original, fancy cut. The modern pantsuit, although seemingly classic and subdued – is a multi-faceted creation, offering enormous styling possibilities.

Women’s suit with wide trousers. De Marco online shop.

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Classic and dignified. The most fashionable suit for the 2023 wedding from De Marco

Branded women’s suits a fashion hit for 2023

The Erna women’s suit is definitely an extremely elegant and subdued creation. Thanks to the pastel shade of light heather – which suits practically every type of beauty, as well as the seriousness and representative character of the women’s suit – Erna will be perfect as a stylish creation for a wedding, whether for a Mum, Mother-in-law, Godmother or any other guest of the celebration.
The wedding set with Erna trousers, thanks to its refined line – provides a flawless look, especially during the most important parts of this special day: during the ceremonies in the Church or Registry Office and during the dinner and the first, official hours of the wedding reception.

The most fashionable suit for a wedding 2023

The modern women’s Erna wedding suit or its three-piece version – the suit with Erna jacquard top – is the perfect option for ensuring a flawless look on your loved ones’ special wedding day. Flared palazzo/swimsuit trousers – great for ladies who want to discreetly conceal their more massive calves or thighs, as well as women with an inverted triangle silhouette to even out proportions and balance broad shoulders.

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Seductive trousseau for the wedding reception

Fashionable women’s three-piece suits with waistcoat ideal for weddings, communions, christenings and corporate events.

The Erna suit is also a great option for long hours of fun on the dance floor. The original and unfussy trousers of the Erna set, in a flared type, look perfect with a slightly more daring, fitted top. A perfect example of this is the Erna three-piece set with vest/top. With this version, the creation takes on a completely new, fresh and very sensual character.

After the formal part of the ceremony, the three-piece Erna women’s suit with waistcoat, will transform into a fancy pantsuit with an American-style top

The colour-matched jacquard of which the top was designed adds sex appeal and a seductive character that is hard to ignore.

Women’s suits with wide trousers.

Erna women’s suit trousers in a starring role! Which blouse to wear with a women’s suit?

The original cut of the flared trousers from the Erna suit set also blends perfectly with other pieces, so that it has a chance to become one of the most important creations in a woman’s wardrobe. The Erna suit trousers go well with a muted, elegant blouse for work, the office or a business meeting, e.g.. long-sleeved blouse Jacinta, as well as with exclusive and extremely sensual evening blouse Irena in deep navy blue.

The Erna women’s suit is definitely a staple of any thoughtful capsule wardrobe. It will impress at weddings, romantic dinners, as well as in everyday or business professional styles. Erna is the perfect base for creating stunning outfits for a variety of occasions.

The Original Hermina III trouser is another idea for a styling change based on fashionable wide-leg high-waisted trousers. The unique and original corset blouses emphasise the class of the styling.

Exclusive styling for mum weddings 2023.

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