Elegancka wizytowa sukienka De Marco. Gdzie kupić biznesowe i wizytowe polskie ubrania

Smart casual women’s styling by De Marco

Vision dress with leather jacket smart casual

Simple, but at the same time very dignified and elegant.
Our beautiful, subtle grey 3/4-sleeved dress, which owes its name to its floral inspiration, perfectly captures the character of this beautiful, medicinal herb.
This is Virgin – a jacquard dress from the Diamond collection.

Simplicity and style in one.
The Virgin dress
reflects what is most beautiful in nature.

The wonderful herb, which is the inspiration for our gown, is an important part of naturotherapy, especially in the fight against upper respiratory tract and bile duct diseases.This often inconspicuous-looking plant can be recognised by its long, dignified stem, on which, at the top of the stem, large and showy flowers are set.

The dress from our Diamond Collection – Virgin, perfectly captures what is so delightful about this bee-loving plant.Our jacquard dress also features a beautiful cut that – thanks to its distinctive vertical pattern – elongates and slims the silhouette, making it as dignified and elegant as its natural prototype.

Member of the Board of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Ms Iwona Gibas,
in a Dziewanna dress, while visiting the District Museum in Tarnów.

The beautiful mullein herb, although demanding when harvested, needs little in terms of where it grows. It adapts perfectly to the environment and its conditions.

Our dress, like its floral inspiration, thanks to its classic lines and comfortable, nicely worked fabric – will work perfectly for tall and slender women as well as other silhouettes with other strengths.

Visiting dress with leather jacket smart casual De Marco. Ms Iwona Gibas, at the Tarnów District Museum.
Visit dress with leather jacket smart casual De Marco. Virgin dress..

Both the large-flowered mullein and its other varieties combine well with other herbs, such as coltsfoot or thyme.
Our mullein dress – also blends beautifully with all kinds of elements and accessories, making it a very versatile creation. We can style it for all kinds of family celebrations as well as more important meetings. With less formal accessories, we can also present ourselves beautifully in it during an evening walk or a romantic meeting with our beloved.

As our wonderful client, Ms Iwona Gibas – Dziewanna demonstrates in every styling,regardless of the occasion, she can look elegant and yet with character.

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