Ekskluzywny krótki płaszczyk na jesień, elegancka biznesowa garsonka w granatowe pepito

Exclusive costumes and suits made in Poland

The most fashionable peplite in navy blue. Exclusive outfits and suits with navy blue and white check motif, sewn in Poland. De Marco women’s business and diplomatic wear.

A kind of synonym for class and style. It is the basis for highly distinctive and expressive styles. Pepitas, also known as ‘chicken feet’, although most often associated with the classic black and white duo, also looks great in colour. Here are some luxurious formal styles with a navy and white pepita motif from De Marco.

The peplum pattern is timeless. It is eagerly used by the most famous designers and fashion. In the picture: a stunning formal suit with midi length pencil skirt – Dora and business Dora suit.

The peplite pattern is timeless.

We have already written about the long and extremely interesting history of the pepito (pied-de-poule), in Black and white exclusive business, formal and diplomatic sets in pepito from De Marco. The pepito motif, was certainly, one of the favourite patterns of French fashion. Indeed, the pepito is a reflection of what she valued most – refined elegance and simplicity. In the midst of numerous trends, which change from season to season, the individual style remains unchanged.

A suit with a midi pencil skirt Dora, in an on-trend navy blue and white peplite pattern,
is a combination of sophisticated elegance and comfort.
Even in the most demanding, stressful business meetings or during public appearances – Dora allows you to feel extremely comfortable – looking beautiful and expressive.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Throughout her life, the French fashion icon proved through her designs that moderation and simplicity, have an extraordinary power of influence. She considered black and white to be the ideal duo. However, black does not suit everyone because of the type of colour. This is why it is worthwhile, following in the designer’s footsteps, to opt for an equally beautiful and elegant combination of white and navy blue. The “chicken’s foot” check, with the use of navy blue, gives the styling an extremely elegant, official character. This makes it perfect for formal occasions, official meetings, etc.

Dora business suit with knee-length pencil skirt, in dark navy blue and a stylish navy and white peplum jacket. Navy blue is a great colour alternative that is just as elegant as black. The navy blue and white check is professional, luxurious and extremely chic, and will look especially at important professional meetings.

Exclusive stylish transitional coat for the elegant woman. Over time pepito jacquard in a beautiful navy blue. De Marco online shop.

Exclusive costumes and suits sewn in Poland. De Marco women’s business and diplomatic wear.

Najmodniejsza pepitka w kolorze granatowym. Szyte w Polsce ekskluzywne kostiumy i garsonki z motywem granatowo-białej kratki
Luxury Polish fashion brand with business, formal and diplomatic styles for women. De Marco fashion shop online .

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