Kolory dla blondynek. Ekskluzywna brzoskwiniowa garsonka Livia

Colours for blondes. Livia exclusive peach suit

Exclusive suit in a light colour. De Marco fashionable jacket and skirt sets.

Whatever the season, incorporating colour into your wardrobe will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but will have a significant impact on your mood. How do you choose the right colour for you? In which colours will ladies with a Slavic beauty type look particularly good? Here is a glamorous outfit option for ladies with blonde hair.

Our wonderful client, Ms A. Malinowska,
in a peach Livia suit from the Chrystian IX collection.

Exclusive suit in a light colour. De Marco fashionable jacket and skirt sets.

Beautiful Polish beauty

One of the most popular types of female beauty in Poland, admired by representatives of other countries, is definitely the Slavic type. It is characterised by a nice, shapely figure, fair, sometimes slightly pinkish skin, usually blue eyes and blonde hair. The widespread admiration for the beauty of Polish women is certainly not surprising – they are women of subtle and delicate beauty, distinguished by a charming, almost girlish charm.

How to enhance the Slavic beauty? Colours for blondes

Determining one’s colours that will definitely enhance one’s natural beauty can be problematic at first. In choosing colours for yourself – it is worth starting by identifying the key issue – whether you represent a cool or warm colour type.

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Blondes with a cool type

Ladies with blonde hair and fair skin, who belong to the cool (cold colour type), are usually distinguished by blue or grey irises, blonde hair tending to fall in cold tones, towards grey, and pale skin, easily turning pink and red when exposed to the sun. The skin is also quite prone to sunburn.

In order to particularly emphasise the subtle beauty of blondes with a cool type and beautiful blue eyes, it is advisable to choose outfits in colours that match them. These are particularly cool shades such as various shades of blue, muted cool shades of orange, yellow, red or green.

The Beach colour of the Livia formal suit,
beautifully exposes the delicate, Slavic beauty
of our beautiful client Ms A.Malinowska.

Exclusive suit in light colour. De Marco fashionable jacket and skirt sets, professional bespoke tailoring.

Blondes with a warm type

Women with blonde hair in the warm colour type, usually have irises of brown or green. Hair falls in warm, golden shades and the complexion, tolerates sun exposure well, rarely burning and tanning to an olive or brown colour.Warm blondes should introduce colours of greater intensity and saturation into their wardrobe: stronger reds, strong yellows, fresh greens, various shades of brown or sensual, dark purples.

What cut for ladies with a Slavic beauty type?

As representatives of beautiful Slavic beauty, Polish women boast not only an alluringly delicate and fresh face, but also an alluring figure. Although often of average height, they are distinguished by a nice, shapely figure with a marked waist. To balance out the silhouette, choose tops with pleats or shoulder creases and shorter, slim-fit jackets. These will go well with an A-line skirt or a not too tight pencil skirt. A perfect example of such a style is the cooler shade of Livia formal suit..

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The Livia skirt formal costume – will nicely accentuate the shoulder line. The 3/4 sleeve revealing wrists will add lightness to the silhouette and will correspond beautifully with the delicate beauty.
The pencil skirt, although slightly tight, provides great freedom of movement.
The subtle beauty and lightness will be further emphasised by the original frill at the skirt’s hem.
The peach colour of the creation, will nicely highlight the discreet, girlish charm.

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Exclusive suit in a light colour. De Marco fashionable jacket and skirt sets.

We would like to thank our client Ms A. Malinowska for her faithfulness to our brand and the opportunity to present photos in our creation.






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