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Exclusive De Marco women’s suits and costumes

Exclusive De Marco women’s suits and costumes

Elegant styling for important celebrations. Black and gold jacquard ensembles with skirt.

Celebrations or important professional events require the right styling, which not only allows us to present ourselves beautifully and femininely, but also reflects our position, competence and professionalism. So how should we dress for an official company party, gala or gala dinner? What can we replace the evening dress with, while still looking appropriate for the occasion?

How to dress for a company party or dinner?

The choice of women’s styling for a gala, formal event or dinner – will certainly depend on the established nature of the event. However, especially if we are in a profession of public trust, such as a lawyer, solicitor, urban planner, doctor, etc. – it is particularly important to ensure that our attire reflects our professionalism, our knowledge and the importance of our profession. Of course, among women’s evening wear, dresses of an appropriate, dress code-compliant cut will reign supreme. However, elegant evening dresses with skirts or trousers are an excellent alternative.

The Black and gold Esperanza costume is a perfect example of evening styling with a skirt that will emphasise the professionalism and seriousness of the profession represented, while standing out with a cut that brings out the beauty of the female figure.

De Marco’s exclusive women’s costume is the perfect formal and diplomatic styling for classy women. View more images on the online shop for elegant women’s clothing.

Stylish jacquard outfits for the evening

Official events or gala dinners, are extremely important moments in professional life. During them, we can establish and expand contacts, get to know our industry better, while at the same time letting ourselves be remembered as a well-presented, professional and extremely elegant person.For such occasions, it is worth choosing an exclusive black and gold formal costume, in which the classic elegance of black and the splendour of gold jacquard are skilfully combined.

Exclusive Fortuna tailcoat De Marco shop y luxury womenswear

The importance of accessories in evening wear

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes

For events in which you are wearing an elegant evening dress with a skirt and a jacket set with a dress, it is worth taking care to choose the right accessories for the outfit, as these definitely emphasise the importance of the event and, if properly chosen, raise the status of the outfit.It is also worth choosing the right stilettos or higher pumps, which will nicely emphasise the shapely legs, elongating them at the same time. When deciding on a handbag, make sure it is the right size, not too big and also stands out elegantly.

Pictured – our wonderful client,
Miss Katarzyna Grygiel, in an Esperanza costume.

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