Luksusowa sukienka z piórami Sun

This season’s most fashionable accent. De Marco styling with feathers

Exclusive women’s dresses, suits and suits with feathers De Marco Fashion Salon

Feathers in styling have always been an element that delights, attracts attention and is synonymous with luxury. They are also an absolute hit this season! Whether as an essential part of a bold evening outfit or as a subtle addition to an elegant look. How to wear feathers? Here are our suggestions.

Feathers for your wedding and reception? Mother of the bride and groom in a feather creation

Exclusive women’s dresses, suits and suits with feathers De Marco Fashion Salon

When preparing for our Son’s or Daughter’s wedding ceremony and reception, we go to great lengths to ensure that our outfit is elegant, full of class, but also has ‘that something’ to make us feel special. Luxury creations from De Marco are a combination of style and original designs. A wonderful suggestion is certainly the refined Sun feather dress, in a beautiful, extremely feminine powder pink colour. The feathers are the perfect finishing touch to this classic, minimalist pencil dress, sewn from beautifully embellished embroidered viscose.

The feathers, in Sun’s pencil dress, dedicated to Mom’s Wedding,
contain the sleeves and hem of the creation, making it absolutely unique.

For ladies who like ensembles with trousers, we offer the phenomenal Lamassu suit, in a beautiful, extremely elegant light ash colour with silver elements. The Lamassu women’s suit is a combination of classics with beautiful feminine lines and captivating decorations. A fantastic three-dimensional floral composition with ostrich feathers in the colour of the creation, provides a spectacular effect.

The most fashionable women’s suit for a wedding mother Lamassu is a set that does not need to be complemented by rich jewellery or accessories.
On its own, it is an absolutely phenomenal creation,
that will delight the attendees and allow you to feel special.

Feathers for evening looks

Long gown with feathers.

Evening dresses or luxurious evening suits for women – even the most classic ones – take on a completely different, distinguished character by incorporating feather accents. This is an element that will give your styling a unique and daring expression.

Virginia evening gown in peach,
with a spectacular train and hand-applied gorgeous decoration
with ostrich feathers.

Exclusive long slit gown, with original hand-composed feather appliqué and silk etouches concealing the arms.

Fancy Siena I women’s suit with original openwork inserts
with embroidery and cream feathers.

The captivating simplicity of the formal smooth dress juxtaposed with the royal ethereal Lena II,
with hand-applied floral motifs and feathers.
A unique creation full of dignity and chic.

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