Ekskluzywne komplety sukienka z płaszczykiem na ślub syna lub córki. Nowoczesne garsonki dla mamy i teściowej wesela De Marco szycie na miarę on-line

Exclusive dresses and suits for mother and mother-in-law weddings

Modern and exclusive dresses, gowns and suits for mum and mother-in-law weddings De Marco luxury women’s clothinga webshop.

Ekskluzywne garsonki i komplety damskie sukienka z płaszczykiem to ponadczasowe stylizacje doskonałe dla mamy pana młodego lub pani młodej

De Marco presents a collection of exclusive suits, women’s outfits and coat-dress sets, creating timeless styles perfect for the mother of the groom or bride. Made using gold jacquard, which harmonises with subtle shades of cream, beige or vanilla, they create sets perfect for wedding celebrations.

These classically infused styles are the perfect choice for both the blessing, the wedding ceremony, the dinner and the ball part. They create a solemn aura, highlighting the importance of the event and the high level of culture and care we put into their presentation.

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De Marco tailoring

Online bespoke tailoring Order creations without leaving home! De Marco professional bespoke tailoring.

Luksusowa polska marka odzieżowa z ubraniami dla starszych eleganckich pań. Szykowne kreacje dla mamy wesela na ślub syna lub córki

These unique creations are designed to emphasise a woman’s assets, optically correct her figure, have a slimming effect and mask imperfections and even out the proportions of her figure. When creating each cut, we pay particular attention to the proportions of the figure to ensure an optimal visual effect.

The gold thread fabric used is a high-class, subtly shimmering material that allows for minimalist forms of perfection. The luxurious nature of the presentation is achieved here without unnecessary glamour, while presenting a high level of class and style.

Modern mum suits for the wedding

Modern suits, combining an elegant jacket with an interesting asymmetrical to pencil skirt, are becoming an increasingly common choice for mums and mothers-in-law for wedding ceremonies. These styles emphasise the high status of the family and also present a high level of culture.

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Ekskluzywne sukienki dla mamy i teściowej

These creations are tailored to different types of silhouette, from short ladies we recommend pencil jacquard dresses with deep darts under the bust, which perfectly slims down the whole silhouette. We recommend jacquard blouson dresses for ladies with the following figures: inverted triangle, pear, apple and hourglass – it is a cut that perfectly evens out the proportions of the silhouette.

What to wear with your dress?

Our styles are also available with an additional element such as an elegant coat or jacket, ideal for colder days, or fur etouches. The jacquard fabric, with its unique weave introducing a gold thread, is a breathable material that remains impeccable throughout the ceremony.

Złote komplety żakiety ze spódnicą, sukienki z płaszczykami dla matki weselnej. De Marco ekskluzywna kolekcja damska

Of course, these creations are not just limited to weddings. They are the perfect choice for anniversaries, wedding anniversaries and other family or corporate celebrations. These styles are minimalist, glamorous and allow us to feel special without overdoing it.


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