Nowoczesna garsonka do ślubu cywilnego dla kobiet w każdym wieku

HIT for civil wedding. Modern De Marco suit

A modern civil wedding suit for women of all ages

A formal suit for a wedding may be associated only with women of mature age. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s how to style a suit for a lady 20+30+40+ to look fresh, fashionable and seductive with delicacy at a civil wedding.

Nowoczesna garsonka do ślubu cywilnego dla kobiet w każdym wieku

On a civil wedding day, every bride wants to look beautiful and original. Although a suit is not often the style of choice for brides aged 20+30+ our beautiful client Ms Olivia Verstrepen is a perfect example that a suit is a creation for all ages. The luxurious De Marco Mirela bridal suit chosen by Ms Olivia – is a perfect creation, a canvas of sorts, perfectly highlighting her natural beauty and delicacy.

Wedding suit for 20-something, 30-something women? How to dress for your own civil wedding?

Najpiękniejsze ekskluzywne ślubne garsonki szyte na miarę w De Marco.

A lady’s suit or costume with trousers or skirt are creations far more often associated with mature-aged ladies or Wedding Mums than with young ladies in their 20s or 30s. Meanwhile, a suit or formal outfit may be just what a young woman entering marriage is looking for when planning her wedding styling. A luxurious, perfectly fitting formal suit with an interesting cut and high quality – will allow you to look unfussy, fresh and subtle, while still being appropriate for such a special occasion as the wedding day with your beloved.

Ekskluzywne sukienki, garsonki kostiumy damskie do ślubu kościelnego i cywilnego dla młodej pani

Selected by Our Client, Ms Olivia Verstrepen the Mirela formal suit, designed for a civil wedding – it perfectly highlighted the natural beauty and perfect figure. Our modern, cream-coloured Mirela suit impresses with its classic elegance and surprising, full-length pleated sleeves. The diagonal neckline perfectly exposes the long, noble neck and collar bones. The bright colour scheme – provides a fresh, radiant look and offsets any signs of fatigue and stress. The pleating on the sleeve – thanks to the 3/4-length cut which flares out towards the bottom – makes the seductive and tempting curve of the hips stand out more clearly.

The smooth Mirela civil wedding suit with fancy 3/4 sleeves with pleating is a creation that is sure to catch the eye and wow the attendees.

 Kostium na ślub cywilny Eleganckie garsonki na ślub Garnitur damski na ślub cywilny Sukienka na ślub cywilny De Marco

We would like to warmly thank the Honourable Olivia Verstrepen and her spouse for their words of appreciation and such beautiful photos to share with our readers. We wish you all the best on your new path of life and that those beautiful smiles accompany you throughout! We send you warm hugs.

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What to wear to a civil wedding in your 30s? Trendy and modern wedding suits from De Marco

De Marco Tailor-made online.

More and more young women nowadays, opt for a modest, intimate wedding at the registry office or a simple church wedding with only their nearest and dearest. For such occasions, too – an elegant and simple formal costume or suit is an excellent option, especially if we are looking for a creation that is modern and at the same time subtly referring to wedding traditions.
The styling for a wedding, based on a De Marco costume or suit, offers the possibility to replace traditional wedding accessories – such as the veil, for example – with a modern accessory that will perfectly harmonise with the chosen creation. For a bespoke De Marco suit, we offer a range of fancy and eye-catching accessories – such as fascinators, brooches or gloves.

Czy do ślubu cywilnego można iść w białej sukni, białej garsonce czy białym garniturze damskim? Ekskluzywne garsonki do ślubu cywilnego De Marco

Modern formal dresses, suits or wedding outfits for brides 20+, 30+? If you want to look fashionable and elegant on your civil wedding day, consider choosing our beautiful, bespoke wedding creations.

Najpiękniejsze stylizacje ślubne dla młodej pani. Awangardowe luksusowe garsonki ślubne do cywilnego

We would like to thank our client Olivia Verstrepen and her spouse for choosing Atelier De Marco on this special day. We wish you happiness and joy in your new life – always together.


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