Jedwabne spodnie czy spódnica z jedwabiu naturalnego dla 40 latki. Luksusowe stylizacje szyte na miarę w De Marco.

How to dress for a wedding at 40? Skirt or trousers in natural silk

De Marco exclusive women’s silk skirt and trousers sets

What to wear to a wedding, communion, christening at 40?

De Marco presents exclusive ensembles with trousers or skirt, creating avant-garde styling ideal for special occasions such as weddings, communions, christenings or corporate events. This daring combination of elegant jacquard with soft, flowing silk is a proposal for modern women who are looking for unique styling solutions.

Eksktawaganckie luksusowe stylizacje na wesele, komunię i chrzciny dla 40 latki. Spodnie lub spódnica z jedwabiu naturalnego.

The set with silk trousers and skirt can be ordered by bespoke sewing after prior quotation and approval of silk shades. De Marco Bespoke Sewing .

The juxtaposition of formal formal jacquard with lightweight satin silk creates an interesting composition for women with an innovative approach to image. Trendy colours such as soft beiges, gold and shades of dull add subtlety and elegance to the overall styling.

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Elegant styles for 40-year-olds

How to dress for a wedding at 40? A natural silk skirt or trousers complete with a jacket.

Ekskluzywna polska marka odzieżowa De Marco. Elegancki komplet ze spódnicą lub spodniami z jedwabiu.

A skirt or trousers in natural silk combined with an elegant gold or beige jacket are extravagant complete for different body types. Light, wide silk trousers and an airy skirt in natural silk create unique styles for the 40-year-old, emphasising her individuality.

Jedwabna spódnica czy spodnie z jedwabiu naturalnego? Luksusowe stylizacje dla 40 latki. Kreacje szyte na miarę w atelier W. Frączek

De Marco specialises in bespoke luxury womenswear, offering solutions for a variety of unusual sizes. The styles are individually designed for the clients’ figures, allowing for a perfect fit and exceptional visual effect. The ensembles on offer are suitable for a variety of occasions, guaranteeing a unique look and comfortable wear.


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