Szyta na miarę ekskluzywna pastelowa sukienka wysmuklająca sylwetkę De Marco

Exclusive dresses for mums to wed in the summer

Slimming and elongating exclusive mum dresses for a summer wedding. De Marco Luxury Mom’s Wedding Dress

Made-to-measure exclusive pastel silhouette slimming dress, also perfect for a short person. De Marco Online shop with exclusive Polish women’s clothing optically correcting figure imperfections. Professional bespoke tailoring.

Powder shades of delicate, feminine colours – powder violet, baby blue or pastel pink – are absolute hits of the summer season, especially in an exclusive – wedding edition. This enchanting colour scheme, combined with a minimalist, figure-slimming cut – produces truly spectacular results. Style and refined elegance – this is how our client, Ms Patrycja Rejentowicz, presented herself in the Wedding Mum dress, tailor-made in our De Marco Atelier.

Beautifully tailored to your beauty type, the creation is the perfect setting to emphasise the allure of your figure and your unique beauty – a great example of this is Ms Patrycja Rejentowicz’s bespoke, long gown for the Mum of the Wedding, in fashionable pastel shades of blue/purple and pink.

Advantages of bespoke sewing at designer De Marco

Bespoke sewing with a designer can be extremely rewarding, both for the client and for the designer and their team. The customer who uses the bespoke sewing service can be sure that not only will they receive a creation that is perfectly tailored to their body type and measurements, but they can also have a real impact on the shape of the creation. For the designer, too, the creative work on a one-of-a-kind dress, gown, costume or suit – is a unique opportunity to reflect the client’s personality in an individual design.Unlike ready-to-wear, off-the-shelf creations – made-to-measure by a designer is distinguished by its perfect fit, both in terms of the silhouette and the dress code rules of the occasion for which it is intended. Tailored sewing at Atelier De Marco also guarantees the use of top-quality materials that will look elegant and chic on a given type of figure.

Bespoke sewing at designer De Marco is the perfect opportunity to create together a creation of the highest quality, perfectly tailored to the client’s figure and individual character. Pictured: our client wearing a custom-made gown for the Wedding Mum at Atelier De Marco.

Luxury Wedding Mum dress in pastel purple and pink

The parents of the bride and groom are the people on whom also – the eyes of all those gathered at the ceremony will be turned. So it is important how the Parents, and especially the Mums of the Wedding – present themselves on that day.Beside the classic creations in shades of navy blue, equally fashionable and popular are creations in summer, delicate shades of pastels – blue, violet or pink. Pastel colours, especially for the face, have an excellent effect on the complexion – they brighten the face, reduce and subtly cover up signs of fatigue or stress. Baby blue and powder pink, although cool in tone, are not reserved only for blondes. They also look great on brunettes, for example.

How to dress for your son or daughter’s wedding in summer? A long evening gown in pastel shades of purple and pink, available from tailor-madeAtelier De Marco.

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Long pastel dress for wedding reception and beyond… Polish manufacturer De Marco

Luxury Mom’s Wedding Dress

Our gorgeous, dedicated to the Wedding Mum – maxi length dress is a beautiful creation with a unique, subtle colour scheme. The power of pastels allows you to create a delicate, sensual styling that will work not only for the wedding and reception of your beloved child, but also for other important celebrations and parties.

The esteemed Ms Patrycja Rejentowicz – our beautiful client – with her Family at the wedding reception. For the occasion, Ms. Patrycja chose a beautiful, slimming dress in pastel shades, available in our Atelier’s bespoke sewing offer.This bespoke pastel evening creation, in maxi length, is a proposal for women who appreciate elegance, chic and feminine delicacy in clothing. The long dress beautifully builds the proportions of the silhouette – thanks to the beautifully emphasised waist with a belt and the flared shape. It optically emphasises a woman’s curves. Such a cut will also be suitable for figures with developed lower parts of the body – rounder hips, more massive thighs – effectively masking them. Delicate colours and the use of airy fabric, which works nicely on the silhouette, relieves stress and adds subtlety and airiness. The dress is finished with shoulder straps and a stylish carmen collar which optically emphasises the shoulder line and at the same time provides various wearing options (from completely uncovered shoulders to their delicate covering to ensure comfort and complete wedding dress code).The dress looks beautiful on most figures. It is particularly recommended for ladies – who wish to optically slenderise and elongate the silhouette. Such an effect is ensured by the combination of two delicate pastel shades – creating vertical dividing lines. The cut of the dress chosen by Ms Patrycja, thanks to this we may also confidently recommend to women with plus-size silhouettes, as a styling which is both effective and models the silhouette perfectly.

We would like to thank the Honourable Mrs Patrycja Rejentowicz for choosing the creation from our Atelier – on such an important day for the whole family – and for sharing the photos. We wish you success in both your professional and private life, and the bride and groom happiness on their new path in life.

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