Turkusowe sukienki na wesele latem

Turquoise dresses for a summer wedding

Elegant women’s ensembles with skirt and dresses for a wedding in summer De Marco Polish clothing brand

De Marco wedding dresses for summer

Turquoise dresses for summer weddings are a true ode to freshness and joy. The styles De Marco offers range from avant-garde and fairytale creations to restrained formal elegance. Our chic dresses for summer celebrations are made from the highest quality materials, ranging from Spanish lace to Portuguese guipure to Polish viscose chiffon. The colour turquoise adds to their extraordinary charm and evokes positive emotions.

Elegant women’s ensembles with skirt

Our elegant women’s skirt sets in beautiful shades of illuminating cream and turquoise are the perfect choice for summer celebrations. Designed and tailored in the De Marco Fashion Salon, they guarantee a perfect fit and unique character. Our light, fresh styles exude joyful colours that blend perfectly with the summer climate. The cocktail and formal dresses we create are unique and individually tailored to each client’s taste.

The De Marco collection, full of these unique styles, is available on our online shop https://www.sklep.demarco.pl. There you can place your order for bespoke sewing, which is done entirely remotely or hybrid. If you prefer direct contact, we will be happy to arrange an appointment for you at the De Marco Fashion Salon in Frydrychowice near Wadowice. Our experienced tailors and designers will take care of every detail so that you can shine in a unique creation.

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Turquoise dresses for a summer wedding are the perfect choice for women who want to look special and attract attention. De Marco, a luxury fashion brand, offers not only beautiful dresses but also women’s ensembles full of elegance. Place your order today and enjoy unique styles that will add magic to your summer look.


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