Ekskluzywna suknia z jedwabiem naturalnym dla mamy panny młodej De Marco luksusowa poslak marka

Exclusive natural silk gown for Mom’s Wedding De Marco

Full of classic charm and elegant simplicity, this dress with a silk shawl finished with an exquisite bead-embellished collar is the perfect option for a Wedding Mum – for your Daughter or Son’s wedding and reception. Perfection and refined style in a regal look.

A beautiful, minimalist wedding and reception creation for the elegant Mom of the bride and groom. Exclusive materials and perfection of line, ensure a spectacular, extremely sophisticated style. Gracjan’s formal dress with a stunning shawl – natural silk dress bedspread was chosen by our beautiful client – the Honourable Mrs Justyna Haczkur.

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Elegant silk scarves for cocktail and evening dresses by De Marco

A luxurious shawl is the perfect way to add a refined finishing touch to an evening or cocktail outfit for special occasions, at the forefront of which can certainly be singled out the creation for your child’s wedding and reception. For reasons of comfort, convenience and also beautiful cuts – Wedding Mums often opt for dresses or gowns that sensually uncover the shoulders. Such a creation will be perfect during hot weather and long hours of joyful fun on the dance floor, especially after the official part of the wedding reception, where the obligatory dress code rules naturally become somewhat relaxed. A shawl, especially one with beautiful, thoughtful lines and a refined finish, is thus an excellent alternative to more built-up creations with sleeves.

Ekskluzywna suknia z jedwabiem dla Mamy Wesela De Marco

Available in our Atelier De Marco and through our website – beautiful pencil cut cocktail dresses, with luxurious natural silk shawl, with fancy ceramic pearl embellished collar – Gracjana and Gracjana II.

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The most fashionable, sensual creations for Mom De Marco weddings in silk

Uncovered shoulders, even if we boast the most beautiful and fashionable dress or gown – should be covered both in the Church and during the wedding reception – when we sit at the table. A lightweight shawl, full of delicate charm and elegance, made of high-quality material and eye-catching finish – as in the case of our cocktail dress Gracjan or Gracjana II, is a perfect solution for the Mother of the Wedding, but also for demanding women, lovers of good style and comfort – for various parties and celebrations.

Najpiękniejsza suknia dla matki wesela. Dystyngowana stylizacje z jedwabnym szalem. Sukienki De Marco szyte na miarę na ślub córki lub syna.

Cocktail dresses dedicated to the Wedding Mum – Gracjana and Gracjana II, are distinguished by classic simplicity, royal elegance and seductive delicacy. The finishing touch to the perfectly tailored cocktail dress, which emphasises the glamorous feminine figure, is certainly the asymmetrical silk shawl with its exquisite beaded collar. A bespoke De Marco dress with a silk shawl from the Gracjana line, chosen for a special occasion – her daughter’s wedding and reception – by our wonderful client Ms Justyna Haczkur.
The luxurious silk shawl will provide a delicate covering against the chill of air conditioning, while allowing you to present yourself according to the current dress code rules. The silk trim on the shoulders is also perfect for movement – so it can add an extra edge and asset to a wedding styling that will be impossible to pass by indifferently.

We would like to thank the Honourable Mrs Justyna Haczkur for choosing our De Marco creations and for the opportunity to present photos from the ceremony. We wish you success in your personal and professional life, and the bride and groom every success in their new life.

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