Kostiumy do ślubu cywilnego

Exclusive suits and costumes for civil and church weddings.

Costumes for a civil wedding

The traditional wedding dress is still the most popular choice for brides. However, there are also those who want to present themselves in a different style.Whether you are getting married again or have just decided on a civil wedding – the classic wedding dress is not always the obvious choice.For ladies who are looking for an original yet elegant outfit for this special day, we recommend a wedding suit or a costume.

Luxury wedding costume with original collar – Vesta.

Do ślubu w stylu Mila

Prawdziwa rewolucja w świecie mody poprzez kreacje wyrażała poparcie dla emancypacji kobiet – kreacje te były zawsze nie tylko piękne, ale i wygodne, odpowiednie na różne, często wymagające okazje.

Tasteful wedding suit, no need for accessories – Perla.

Podstawą i zarazem najbardziej charakterystycznym elementem klasycznego kostiumu, jest krótki, klasyczny żakiet o pudełkowym kroju, pozbawiony kołnierza.

Elegancka i ponadczasowa garsonka wizytowa typu Mila – Perła, Garsonka Mila Perła II czy Garsonka Mila Perła III, idealnie sprawdzą się jako piękne i zapewniające niebywały komfort komplety ślubne.

Gustowna garsonka ślubna, nie wymagająca dodatków – Perła.

Kostiumy do ślubu cywilnego, Mila Perła III

Wedding costume – the essence of femininity

Choosing the right outfit for the wedding, certainly depends on the character and individual style of the bride and groom.In choosing the perfect outfit, it should be remembered that although a civil or church wedding entails a certain necessity to respect tradition and devote the solemnity of the office or religious rites – this is our day, in which we should certainly try to fulfill our dreams, also in terms of wardrobe.Therefore, if we wish to assert our originality and character more – we can successfully combine classic with a touch of extravagance.

A perfect example of this combination is our proposed luxurious cream Vesta costume, Romantic formal Trini suit.

The Vesta costume is characterised by a beautiful line, which emphasises the advantages of the female figure.

The jacket, in ivory, is designed to subtly reveal the neckline and collarbones through an original collar, creating an aura of mystery.The asymmetrical skirt allows you to show off your legs with taste while delighting in the original line.

The Vesta costume requires little in the way of accessories, thanks to its original line and jewellery buttons.
Made complete only by a beautiful fascinator by Our Client,
creates a sensational creation full of class and elegance.


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