W co ubrać się na otwarcie firmy? Sklep z elegancką odzieżą damska De Marco

What to wear to a business, diplomatic meeting?

What to wear to a company opening? What to wear to a board meeting? What a modern business woman should look like!

Opening a business is a special moment for any entrepreneur. What to wear for the big day? Do we have a specific dress code?

Be the face of the brand

Opening your own business is a special moment for anyone starting their business. Although we don’t always think about it, how we present ourselves to our clients makes a huge difference to the way our entire business is perceived.

The beautiful cut and colours of the Lisa I dress,
will catch the attention of the guests
and allow you to present yourself elegantly and femininely,
and at the same time professionally.

The success of our company’s image is not only influenced by the actions of specially delegated employees or an external company hired for this purpose.The ceremonial opening of our own business offers tremendous opportunities to establish relationships with customers that even the most effective communication tools cannot give us.

It is therefore important that we pay close attention to choosing the right outfit for the occasion, taking into account other aspects such as the profile of the activity and weather conditions.

Classic business attire

What to wear to a company opening, business meeting, diplomatic meeting, board meeting, award reception?

A good direction in preparing the styling for a business opening, would be to follow the principles of classic business dress – known as business attire.

Pencil midi and in mature maroon.
Exclusive Patricia dress.

Classic business attire is intended to be styled to be appropriately formal and representative, especially as often the opening of a business is an event in the local or wider community.Events like this attract the attention not only of potential clients, but also of the press, which we can ‘use’ to build a positive image of our company.

The Exclusive Patricia dress perfectly fits into business attire styling.
Decided deep maroon colour, midi skirt, subtly exposing the legs
and beautiful neckline.

Colours of casual business attire

Classic business attire, business attire, is primarily associated with the selection of outfits focusing on muted, darker colours. Business shirts or blouses in light colours such as whites, beiges, soft pastel pinks etc. are used to give the impression of “refreshing” the outfit and to brighten it up.The more official and formal the event you are attending, your styling should strive for darker and calmer colours.

When opening a business, we can certainly afford a little more colour in our attire, while of course maintaining the accepted norms of classic business attire.

For women’s outfits, therefore, care should be taken to include a subtle cleavage (if planned), a suitable skirt length (slightly before, up to or over the knee), properly covered shoulders, etc.

The Augustin’s blue set, is sure to impress the assembled guests,
while at the same time meeting the accepted rules of business attire.

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