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Exclusive women’s clothing by Polish designer De Marco

Exclusive women’s clothing by a Polish designer.

Polish exclusive womenswear brand De Marco

In business or in diplomatic roles, much more important than whether we follow the latest trends is how we are dressed. Luxury Polish fashion brands create timeless collections that are all about style and elegance.

De Marco is a Polish manufacturer of luxury women’s clothing. In our Atelier we focus on quality, timeless cuts and exceptional elegance, because elegance never goes out of fashion.

The most fashionable thing in a woman’s wardrobe? Elegance!

Luxury Polish clothing brands

The quintessential feature of fashion is its lack of constancy. What is fashionable today can quickly become unpopular, long forgotten. That is why what is currently fashionable is more important than what is elegant, chic and stylish. For elegance never goes out of fashion.

An exclusive, extremely refined Kalixta suit.

Exclusive women’s clothing brands

The ability to highlight a woman’s figure and beauty is certainly an essential competence for an elegant woman. It is therefore important for us to consciously and skilfully take advantage of emerging fashion trends, choosing what suits us and what emphasises our individual style and personality.

Exclusive women’s clothing by a Polish designer.

The clothing market almost always follows global fashion trends, but does not always pay due attention to high quality or moderation, among other things. Deciding on a Polish luxury clothing brand – we choose high quality products distinguished by chic, elegant designs, while supporting the domestic market. De Marco online shop https://www.sklep.demarco.pl/nowosci.

What sets an exclusive clothing brand apart?

Polish women’s clothing brands. Professional bespoke tailoring by De Marco.

Exclusive clothing collections are those that stand out for their exceptional design, unique patterns and high quality – both in terms of fabrics and tailoring craftsmanship. Luxury clothing allows you to look unique and extremely elegant – regardless of the occasion and the dress code. At the same time, thanks to their top quality and timelessness, they are products that will remain in our wardrobe for years.

Exclusive Polish women’s clothing brands, timeless styling for elegant women.

Suits, costumes or dresses from our Royal Collection
are a perfect example of the fact that you can always look chic and refined in exclusive De Marco styles,
In the picture: the beautiful Felicia suit..

Atelier of the Polish designer Władysława Frączek, professional bespoke tailoring, De Marco stationary salon Frydrychowice.

Jacquard, unique Hymena pencil dress.

Exclusive women’s clothing brands Polish

Exclusive women’s clothing by Polish designer Władysława Frączek Salon Mody De Marco Frydrychowice near Wadowice.

Take a look at our full range – luxury women’s clothing, for work – business and diplomacy or for special celebrations and cultural events.

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