Exclusive women’s suits for Mum Weddings

The most fashionable styles with De Marco trousers, exclusive women’s suits for Mom Weddings 2023

The women’s suit is definitely a classic of women’s fashion, increasingly popular especially as an alternative to the wedding dress. A fitted, well-tailored women’s pantsuit in a solid colour is a great option, especially for the Mom of the Wedding who wants to look dignified and stylish, yet fashionable.

Fancy women’s suit in beige Mira III.
The unconventional cut ensures that the Wedding Mum, will look fashionable, bold and stylish.

De Marco Original women’s wedding suit for mother and mother-in-law. The exclusive evening set with trousers is the most fashionable trend for the coming season.

Fancy women’s wedding suit for Mum. Men’s tailcoat type jacket

The choice of a women’s uniform suit as an outfit for the mother of the bride and groom at a wedding makes it possible to stand out in a special way among the assembled guests. Although it is one of the most fashionable trends at the moment, formal dresses are still leading the way on the wedding dance floor. The combination of jacket or blazer with trousers, therefore, gives you the opportunity to show not only your sense of style, but also your character.

Modern women’s Mira evening tailcoat.
Women’s suit ideal for grand celebrations,
especially dedicated to Mom’s Weddings.

Original styling for unconventional women. Luxury women’s suits from a Polish designer.

De Marco online shop the most beautiful bespoke evening suits for women.

Our uniform women’s formal suits – Mira, Mira II and Mira III, are two-piece women’s ensembles, in which the main role is played by the jacket/jacket referring to the most elegant men’s evening wear – the men’s tailcoat.

Exquisite women’s suit in beige – Mira II.

The most distinctive feature of the blazers from the Mira line, is the original, extended back, while the line at the front is shortened – exposing the trousers to hip height. The jacket’s hem is cut at an angle, allowing it to beautifully expose an ornate blouse or an elegant waistcoat..

De Marco Elegant women’s evening suits available on the online shop. Remote bespoke sewing in the atelier of Wladyslawa Frączek.

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Exclusive women’s wedding suit for the mother of the groom or bride.

We tailor-make women’s wedding suits for fluffy and for unusual figures. We personalise  the form to a given figure, optically correcting imperfections. 

Order bespoke sewing from De Marco’s online shop..

Wedding suit for the Mother of the Bride and Groom. Trousers with wide legs.

Exclusive women’s suits for Mom Weddings are the most fashionable look for 2023.

Wide trousers in a women’s suit, are an excellent option not only for women who prefer trousers to dresses, but also for those who cannot boast exceptionally shapely legs. If this is the case, opt for flared or wide trousers that overlap the shoes or even cover them completely – optically lengthening the legs and maintaining the right proportions.

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The most fashionable women’s two-piece trousers in a delicate colour heather Erna – this is the perfect option for the Mom of the Wedding, especially when she is definitely more comfortable in trousers than a dress. Wide long formal trousers will look best with high pumps or stilettos.

Modern styling for mum weddings. Exclusive De Marco women’s suits, online store.

Beautiful and elegant trouser sets perfect for a wedding reception. Comfort and convenience are the basis of well-being.






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