Eleganckie stylizacje na jesienne uroczystości. Trendy modowe na jesień zimę 2023 - 2024 De Marco ekskluzywna polska odzież damska

Fashion trends 2024 – De Marco Autumn outings and celebrations

Fashion trends 2024 Elegant styling for autumn celebrations

De Marco’s fashionable burgundy tailored styles.

The noble colour burgundy and shades of red, are the perfect choice from the hot summer, all through the autumn and winter weather and into the spring rays. Insofar as this colour harmonises with our beauty, we can confidently use it for various occasions, both business and cultural.

During business trips, meetings or conferences, maroon expresses seriousness and elegance. It is the colour of dominance, of self-confidence. At cultural events, such as theatre or opera, it looks particularly stylish. At weddings, whether as a creation for the mother of the wedding or for other guests, it adds to our charm and chicness.

Top 10 w ekskluzywnych jesiennych stylizacjach. De Marco sukienki, garsonki i garnitury damskie dla dojrzałych kobiet. Moda dla wyższych sfer.

The winter season gets even more glamorous with burgundy on the Christmas table. Often present in palace décor or classic royal styling, this noble hue exudes splendour and sophistication.

What goes well with maroon? What colour to combine maroon with?

Maroon combines perfectly with black and gold. For bold styles, we can try to juxtapose it with dark greens or shades of ochre one is a task for those with a trained aesthetic sense. When looking for colour inspiration, I recommend analysing nature. Nature creates beautiful colour combinations and we are part of it. Our aesthetic sense has evolved along with it, hence mimetic forms and colour compositions are attractive to humans. This is why I highly recommend searching for colour combinations in nature.

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Fashion trends for autumn and winter 2023-2024

This, season long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves are in vogue for formal and formalwear, and these cuts are starting to appear more and more at meetings and parties. Asymmetry is also on trend, allowing for fancy solutions with one shoulder exposed and the other covered.

In ball and evening creations, one can notice a fashion for 3D compositions in various fabrics, where floral forms, feathers, beads, pearls and sequins appear.

Suits with trousers are growing in popularity. They are a fashionable option for a variety of styles, from business women’s suits to the evening tailcoats we wear to galas and exclusive events.

Which necklines are on trend? Fashionable necklines

On the subject of necklines, the trend is for boat necklines, asymmetrical necklines, as well as cheekbones, diamond necklines and Queen Anne-style formal necklines. When choosing a neckline, it is also important to consider your own figure and oval face, as not every neckline is slimming!

Najmodniejsza polska marka De Marco. Eleganckie stylizacje na jesienne uroczystości. Trendy w modzie luksusowej.

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De Marco fashioning its own style

In conclusion, the noble colour burgundy and shades of red are the perfect choices for autumn celebrations, and the fashion trends for autumn and winter 2023-2024 include styling that is elegant, striking, with attention to detail and asymmetry, emphasising our uniqueness and individuality. De Marco Fashion Salon Frydrychowice near Wadowice near Krakow. An online shop with Polish branded women’s clothing.

Eleganckie stylizacje na jesienne uroczystości. Trendy modowe na jesień zimę 2023 - 2024


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