Ekskluzywna sukienka retro w stylu glamour dla dojrzałej kobiety. Sz.P. A. Malinowska w złotej sukni z De Marco

The most fashionable jacquard creations for your wedding and reception. Jacquard dresses and suits in glamour style

Exclusive bridal and wedding creations for the mature woman.

They are extremely glamorous, elegant and refined. Jacquard creations – dresses, gowns, suits or costumes, like no other can arouse admiration and appreciation, perfectly emphasising the beauty of the women wearing them. We present elaborate, extremely stylish styles dedicated to weddings and weddings for ladies in their 40s, 50s, 60s, as well as for the most important celebrations, both family and professional.

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Jacquard gives a unique – extremely dignified and elegant – character to a creation. It is a tried-and-tested way to achieve a spectacular, truly royal effect. Pictured: exclusive Nunilona IV gown jacket set, a gorgeous gold visit dress Aurora and the luxurious retro dress Paloma. All available in our Atelier and on our online shop page, in a bespoke sewing service.

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Jacquard wedding dress or suit for civil wedding. Luxury jacquard wedding creations from a Polish manufacturer.

Each of us, irrespective of age, wants to look special on her wedding day – stylish, beautiful and elegant. For ladies, especially at the mature age of 50+, 60+, who are looking for their dream creation, but do not want to decide on a traditional wedding dress – an excellent proposal is an outfit, suit or tailored dress made of jacquard fabric. Jacquard, thanks to its properties – will provide a beautiful, artful pattern, extraordinary shine and perfect “work” on the silhouette. At the same time, although it is a thicker and stiffer fabric, it is also a material that is very comfortable to wear, pleasant to the skin and provides the necessary breathability and moisture wicking.

Ekskluzywne suknie ślubne, suknie wieczorowe dla dojrzałej kobiety. Jak się ubrać na wesele, na ślub w wieku 40 lat, 50 lat, 60 lat. De Marco polskie markowe sukienki szyte na zamówienie

Magnificent wedding proposals, dedicated to mature ladies 50+, 60+ tailored from jacquard fabric with beautiful, fancy patterns.
The beautiful, minimalist wedding dress with jacket Otylia is definitely a creation in the style of the royal family. The clever line, designed by acclaimed First Lady of the Republic of Poland designer Wladyslawa Frączek, beautifully slims and elongates the figure thanks to the vertical lines on the silhouette and the majestic stand-up collar.
The retro gold Paloma dress is a styling with timeless appeal. Featuring a captivating gold jacquard peplite pattern paired with a glamorous cut – a true recipe for styling success. The The long, straight Nunilona V dress in cream white is perfect both as a bridal creation for the bride and as an exclusive evening dress for the most important parties and banquets.

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Timeless, fashionable jacquard dresses for the party

Ekskluzywne sukienki na wesele szyte na miarę w Salonie Mody De Marco. Polskie stylizacje od projektanta z Frydrychowic, k. Wadowic, spod Krakowa

Whether you are planning to attend a charity evening banquet, an anniversary party or are looking for the right styling for a glamour wedding – jacquard is one of the most interesting and extremely glamorous proposals. Whether in the form of a minimalist evening dress or a luxurious suit, the jacquard creations of Atelier De Marco, designed by Władysława Frączek, delight and create an atmosphere of luxury and superior quality. Jacquard fabric makes it possible to create exceptionally feminine creations that perfectly emphasise the figure’s assets.

Sz.P Agnieszka Malinowska w sukience z żakardu z De Marco.

Evening dresses, prom dresses and retro dresses or formal dresses made of jacquard fabric make it possible to beautifully shape the silhouette, thanks to the exceptional properties of jacquard. The material perfectly maintains the shape set by the designer’s hand – thanks to which it not only effectively covers up imperfections, but also allows to clearly emphasise curves in key areas.

Our beautiful client, the esteemed Ms Agnieszka Malinowska, is a perfect example of how the jacquard fabric used in the golden retro Paloma dress model emphasises the beauty and allure of the figure. The shapely figure is emphasised by the fine line of the creation, especially in the upper part and at the waist, while the flared bottom additionally accentuates the tempting feminine curves.

Ekskluzywne suknie, garsonki i kostiumy damskie sklep internetowy De Marco


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