Modne błękitne stylizacje na wesele dla Mamy. Eleganckie garsonki, sukienki i garnitury okolicznościowe w kolorze niebieskim

Fashionable blue wedding styling for Mum. Elegant suits, dresses and occasion suits in blue

Fashionable suits, dresses and women’s wedding suits for mum.

Blue is one of the most beautiful and popular summer colours, not only in men’s fashion but also in women’s fashion. An elegant dress, a luxurious suit or an original women’s suit are the perfect suggestions for stylish outfits for a range of special events, especially for weddings and weddings for the style- and class-conscious Mom of the bride and groom. Here are our exclusive wedding fashion suggestions in a light shade of blue, dedicated to the Mom of the Wedding

Blue is one of the most popular summer colours for important events and special occasions. A dress, gown or De Marco women’s suit in light blue is the perfect option for Mom of Weddings.

Polish wedding styling for mum from designer Wladyslawa Frączek

Blue dress for a wedding – for whom?

Shades of blue – especially light blue – are by far one of the most popular colours in women’s fashion, especially during the summer. Blue is a colour that evokes extremely positive associations, reminiscent of the colours of the sky or the blue of the ocean. This makes it a relaxing colour that inspires calmness, trust and a sense of security.This is why blue can definitely be recommended to everyone, but especially to Mums of the Wedding, on this very important and stressful day. The bride and groom’s mother is one of the most important figures, who with her very person brings a kind of order, order and confidence to the newlyweds – that this most important day for them will go as they dreamed it would.

Blue is the colour of the sky and the ocean, inspiring confidence and a sense of security. The John’s blue dress with a straight line, enriched with an asymmetrical skirt resembling calm, steadily hitting the shore waves. A creation directly created for the Mom of the Wedding who appreciates classic style, elegance and class.

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A blue dress is a great alternative to the powdery shades, mainly pinks or shades of beige, that are popular on wedding dancefloors. The light blue dress is definitely a creation made for the Mom of the Wedding, with a cool colour type. Both blondes and brunettes will look great in it. Jan’s dress in blue will nicely accentuate the natural beauty and brighten up the face especially for ladies of the Summer or Winter type.

Both the dress for Jan’s wedding and thesuit or the suit from the Hilaria V, line in blue is the perfect option for a Wedding Mum with a cool beauty type.

Modern suit in blue Hilaria V. Fashionable creation with skirt for wedding

The elegant, chic Hilaria V suit in blue is a wedding styling for Mom who wants to look fresh, radiant and distinguished at the same time. The classic, minimalist cut of the Hilaria V formal suit, allows you to perfectly emphasise the assets of a woman’s figure . The nicely shaped jacket beautifully exposes the waistline and rounded hips. The emphasised shoulder line evens out the proportions of the silhouette, especially in the case of women with more pronounced thighs or hips, shifting the accent to the upper parts of the body.

Exclusive blue suit for Mom’s Wedding Hilaria V

An eye-catching accent is the beautiful hand-sewn embellishments in the form of lace with zircons and silver – placed at the neckline and fastening. Such fine appliqués lend the suit an extremely elegant character, perfect for a glamorous event, for example.

Mum of the Wedding in blue styling with trousers. Hilaria V women’s occasion suit

A luxurious wedding suit for Mum is not only a worthwhile alternative for women who don’t like to expose their legs. The blue Hilaria V trouser, hand-embellished with lace and zircons, is also the perfect way to look original and chic, yet fashionable. Women’s suits are an increasingly popular wedding outfit option, especially for the Mum of the bride and groom. A perfectly tailored, made-to-measure women’s suit will optically slim the silhouette and add glamour and femininity.

The Hilaria V Wedding Mom’s Suit is the choice of a modern woman who follows trends and at the same time appreciates style, class and chic. Fancy hand-sewn lace embellishments with silver and cubic zirconia are placed not only at the neckline and jacket fastening line, but also at the trouser leg. This makes the Hilaria V formal suit an extraordinary creation for truly special occasions.

Luxurious Hilaria V formal suit in blue, dedicated to Mom of the Wedding.

The most beautiful Polish wedding outfits for mothers. Unique dresses, modern suits, fashionable women’s suits tailor-made in the atelier of Wladyslawa Frączek owner of De Marco brand. Luxury womenswear online shop..

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