Najmodniejsze czarne garnitury damskie wieczorowe od De Marco

The most fashionable black women’s evening suits from De Marco 2023

The most fashionable black women’s evening suits styled with trousers.

The combination of stylish black and the sensual cut of a women’s suit is a chic and classy look for virtually any figure. Here are suggestions of our most fashionable women’s evening suits created for “big outings”, galas or prestigious parties.

Over-the-top elegant women’s styles for women with strong character.

Ladies’ formal suit. Jacket with double lapels decorated with zircons fastened with jeweled buttons. Complete with beautiful wide, high-waisted, knee-length trousers. Evening, formal and exclusive Polish women’s suits made to measure at the Władysława Frączek Atelier. De Marco online shop for luxury women’s clothing.

Original evening suit with gold appliqués

The most fashionable women’s suits from De Marco

Our exquisite suit set for prestigious ceremonies and parties is a styling in which the fancy asymmetrical cut line and the hand-applied decoration in sequined lace play the “main role”.

Fashionable women’s evening suits styled with trousers. Elegant women’s ensembles with skirt, dress or shorts by De Marco. Luxury Polish brand, professional bespoke tailoring for prestigious occasions such as galas, vernissages and premieres,

Eve III evening set orthe Kamila II luxury suit consists of an asymmetrical embellished jacket and high-waisted suit trousers. The black jacket without collar lapels, is finished with a round neckline nicely exposing the collar bones and long neck. It works especially well for women with expressive facial features, especially square or triangular faces – softening them and adding subtlety. This type of neckline will also optically enlarge the less prominent breasts, which, combined with the clearly outlined inEve III and Kamila II shoulder line, will help to even out the proportions of the figure.

Sensual black women’s suit decorated with handmade lace Kamila II
Asymmetrical, oblique sharp cut line together with fancy lace application at the fastening line nicely models the figure, optically slimming the lower parts, so it is especially recommended for ladies of the type, such as. This is why it is especially recommended for ladies with a pear-shaped figure, for example, giving them a lightness of shape.
Finished evening jacket is complemented by classic, slightly fitted and tapered high-waisted trousers – simply created for prestigious events of high rank.

Fashionable and exclusive women’s evening suit with short jacket

Elegant evening suits for women by De Marco

Ramona is a beautiful, stunningly elegant ladies’ evening suit with a double-breasted jacket. The alluring Ramona trouser suit is a creation loosely reminiscent of the chic elegance of a men’s tailcoat or dinner jacket. Above all, the jacket/short evening jacket, which is designed with taste and a great sense of style, emphasises the waistline beautifully with its button and waistline.

The Ramona women’s evening suit is an expressive and sensual styling, which at the same time perfectly emphasises a strong personality and professionalism – so it will be perfect not only for prestigious social gatherings, but especially for galas, anniversaries or events related to our professional life.

The most fashionable black women’s evening suits from De Marco 2023 Polish clothing with class.

Excellent and seductive evening black Ramona women’s suit. Elegant women’s suit with wide trousers.
The jacket’s closed-type lapels, corresponding to those of a men’s tailcoat, finished in fabric with an exclusive metallic shine – exceptionally slimming the silhouette and elongating the torso. The shiny finish is also an element adorning the slanted-cut pocket flaps, which creates a wonderful effect emphasising the hip line. This model is especially recommended for ladies with a rather boyish silhouette, with a weak waistline. The cut of Ramona will help to model the figure, adding roundness around the hips and optically slimming the waist. This effect will also be enhanced by the classic, straight, high-waisted suit trousers ending with a cuff.
The Ramona women’s suit can be successfully worn complemented with a matching formal blouse or, if circumstances allow, in a version without a blouse – exposing the tempting neckline.

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Suit jacket and trousers set Hana III

Elegant women’s costumes with trousers large sizes and more. 

For those with a shape with only slightly defined hips, we particularly recommend the Hana III evening suit, available in our Atelier and bespoke option. It stands out above all with its cleverly thought-out, asymmetrical, extended tailcoat/jacket style. With the fancy line designed in this way, the accent is shifted to the hip area – stylishly adding curves. The cut looks particularly well on cylindrical or column figures – not only visually highlighting the hip line, but also visually adding a sensual curve to the buttocks. The cut of the Hana III suit will also even out the body proportions on horned or inverted triangle figures – the shoulder line will be balanced in favour of the lower parts.

The Hana III is a black entry-level suit trouser with a slightly flared jacket decorated with richly shiny sequin ornaments.
The jacket’s stylish, hand-stitched sequin embellishments add glamour, an aura of mystery and a sensual touch to the whole look. The shiny ornaments reflect the spotlight beautifully, so they will be perfect for all kinds of parties, celebrations and especially award or decoration galas. In duet with a luxurious jacket – trousers with slightly tapered legs, finished with a cant – which adds prestige and class.

Black women’s suits with classic lapels

What women’s suits are in fashion? De Marco women’s evening suits sets with trousers.

The refined and seductive Laur women’s evening suit is a creation full of feminine energy and temperament. The base of the black Laur evening suit is a short jacket in deep black, reminiscent of a men’s tailcoat. The double-breasted fastening of an exceptionally formal 4×2 variant optically lengthens and slims the silhouette, especially around the waist.

A seductive and sensual black Laur evening suit.
The supreme elegance of the Laur women’s suit is also emphasised by the medium width lapels of the closed type jacket and the exposed shoulder line. The lapels are additionally decorated with decorative diamond-shaped elements in gold. Together with the suit’s complementing straight, classic, cuffed suit trousers, this creates a refined, extremely feminine and sensual evening outfit.

Where to buy a nice women’s suit? The most fashionable jacket styles with trousers from De Marco.

Exclusive bespoke evening wear for women at the De Marco Fashion Showroom. The most beautiful and original styles for galas, vernissages, premieres and formal gatherings.


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