Jak się ubrać na wesele w stodole, fabryce, browarze, winnicy czy plenerze? Najmodniejsze sukienki koktajlowe w stylu slow fashion

How to dress for a barn, factory, brewery, vineyard or outdoor wedding? The most fashionable slow fashion cocktail dresses

How to dress for a wedding as a guest? Looking for a dress for an original wedding reception arranged in an old factory or atmospheric brewery? Need fashionable styling for an outdoor, beach or modern barn wedding? Here are our lightweight, on-trend cocktail dresses for celebrations in the “slow” trend.

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A ‘slow’ style party? What’s that?

In an increasingly overwhelming atmosphere of haste and planning – organising a party, especially a wedding party, on your own terms and at your own pace can be quite a surprise for guests. Nevertheless, the trend of organising celebrations described as “slow” is becoming increasingly popular. The word “slow” from English – slow, unhurried; reflects the character of this type of celebration and its main idea quite well.Slow parties, especially slow wedding events, are celebrations at their own pace, free, light and full of unhurried joy, and focused on celebrating moments and bonds between people, as well as living close to nature. Light, airy and casual creations in the colours of nature, preferably in natural fabrics, fit perfectly into the unhurried rhythm of the celebrations.

Slow wedding, anniversary party or Communion in slow style is a kind of nod to the beautiful Polish traditions of casual, fun-filled and joyful celebrations. Airy, extremely comfortable cocktail dresses in neutral, delicate natural colours fit perfectly into this unique atmosphere. Our fashionable cocktail dresses for summer are the perfect option for an outdoor wedding, on the beach, in an old barn, factory or by the lake. The pastel colours of our dresses Ariana, Aldona or Alina evoke the beauty of the surrounding nature while providing exceptional comfort.

Slow wedding in an old barn or atmospheric brewery – what to wear as a Guest?

A wedding or other important celebration held in a venue other than a standard reception house hall is the perfect opportunity to organise a dream party in your own taste. If you receive an invitation to a birthday party, anniversary party or slow wedding – planned in an atmospheric brewery, an old, adapted barn, a former factory or in the open air – by a lake, on a sea beach or in the forest – you should remember to adapt your outfit to these very different conditions.During events in the “slow” style – we can allow ourselves much more freedom and liberty in the choice of outfit. Men can replace the traditional suit with trousers and a linen shirt, a “characterful” waistcoat is welcome. For women, casual, delicate, airy cocktail dresses in airy, crease-resistant fabrics are best suited to the wedding.

Beautiful cocktail dresses for summer perfect for weddings, garden parties, evening walks on the beach, …

Beautiful cocktail dresses with a pastel floral motif Aldona or Alina – these are creations that will provide an elegant, festive look while standing out for their lightness and comfort. Whether paired with stilettos, pumps or flat shoes like ballerinas, they look chic and fresh. Our unique floral dresses are also perfect for a garden party with friends, a family picnic or a neighbourhood party on the terrace – they are easy to style and do not require many accessories.

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