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How should the mother of the groom or bride dress for the wedding?

How to dress for a wedding as a mother? What dress for a wedding for the mother of the groom or bride? How should the mother of the groom or bride dress for a wedding?

Elegant styling for a son or daughter’s wedding is a very important topic.

How to dress for a wedding as a mother?

Jak się ubrać na wesele jako matka? Jaki dress code na wesele?

When choosing a style for her son’s or daughter’s wedding, the mother of the groom or bride should be guided by several important factors. First of all, the nature of the ceremony and the venue should be taken into account. If it is a ballroom in a hotel or restaurant, it is advisable to opt for an elegant, formal style. In this situation, exclusive suits, formal dresses or ball gowns with a glamorous style are ideal.

Elegancka lekka zwiewna sukienka dla mamy wesela

On the other hand, for a ceremony in a more informal venue, such as an old factory or a vineyard, you can opt for airy styles in a less formal style, while still maintaining a high aesthetic level. In such cases, it is advisable to go for elegant dresses with a retro, vintage or boho character, but in accordance with your age, beauty and figure.

Wedding mother’s biggest faux pas

Avoid the mistake of wearing a simple floral dress, considered a ‘cocktail airy fashionable dress for summer’. Or the everyday set of knitted blouse with skirt. Such an outfit would not be appropriate for such an important ceremony. It is a demonstration of our dissatisfaction. It is a message to the wedding guests and the bride and groom about the disrespectful attitude to all this “fuss”, which we do not agree with. I will briefly mention what disastrous consequences this tactless behaviour entails. The distaste we leave in the minds of the guests who have decided to accept the invitation and offer a gift is one part of the coin. On the other side is our child, who is perfectly capable of reading his mother’s emotions, and such an official message leaves a wound in the heart for the rest of his life….

How to dress for a wedding as a mother? Are intense colours appropriate to wear as a wedding mother?

When choosing colour, it’s worth being guided by what suits us and what colours harmonise with our beauty and personality. Current trends allow us to use intense colours such as red, raspberry, greens, navy blue, magenta or sapphire if they are in keeping with our beauty and state of mind. It is important to feel comfortable in the chosen style and to dress according to your style, rather than transforming yourself into someone else.

Ekskluzywne sukienki na wesele. Polskie i markowe sukienki dedykowane mamie i teściowej wesela szyjemy na miarę w każdym nietypowym dużym i małym rozmiarze.
What colour is not appropriate to go to a wedding in?What colour is not appropriate to go to a wedding in?

However, the relationship with the future son or daughter-in-law should also be taken into account, so that the colour of the styling is not perceived as an unfavourable gesture towards them. If there is some tension, gestures or words can easily be misinterpreted.

The truth about “Competing with the Bride”

In the case of mum and mother-in-law weddings, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

In the case of a mother or mother-in-law, there is no question of competing with the bride. Unless we are younger than the daughter or daughter-in-law, no matter the colour or cut of the outfit, no one will mistake us for a bride. Competition has no place here, and the right choice of outfit should emphasise our elegance and individuality.

Dress code mamy wesela

How to dress for a wedding as a mother? Elegant styles for mum and mother-in-law for son or daughter’s wedding

Najpiękniejsze nowoczesne garsonki dla mamy i teściowej wesela

The classic wedding ceremony begins with the blessing of the parents. The next stage is connected with the religious rite and the taking of the vows, or taking the vows in front of the registrar. This is the official part of the nuptials, during which the parents of the bride and groom act as representatives. It obliges a visiting style.

Father of the wedding: A suit, tailcoat, uniform or gala dress attributed to the particular social group with which the fathers of the bride and groom identify.

Mum of the wedding: Elegant suits, i.e. a jacket with skirt or a formal dress with sleeves covering the elbows, or a jacket and dress set or a coat and dress for the mother of the groom, or the bride. In the second part of the ceremony. That is, after dinner and the first dance, the mother and mother-in-law of the bridal party fashion a succession of ballroom-themed styles or take off the jacket, coat and filigree shoulders. ;)

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What should a wedding mother focus on when choosing a creation?

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When choosing a creation, the mum of the wedding should focus on assessing her figure, age, character and beauty type so that the dress, suit or ladies’ suit reflects her personality and creates the perfect image. It is important that the creation attracts attention as a ‘beautiful, elegant, classy woman’ and not just a fashionable dress behind which a life-weary wedding mum hides.

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