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How to dress for a bereavement wedding? Dresses and suits for a grieving wedding mum

How to dress for a bereavement wedding? Dresses and suits for a grieving wedding mum.

What to wear to your son/daughter’s wedding when you’re grieving?

Life writes scenarios that are sometimes hard to come to terms with. However, we have to accept fate and such a scenario is mourning, at a time when we are preparing for one of the most important family events, which is the wedding and reception of our child. Is it possible to reconcile the tradition of mourning, grief for a deceased loved one and the joy of a wedding?

Elegance and respect for the traditions of mourning and the joy associated with a wedding celebration can be perfectly reconciled through the right choice of styling for the mother of the groom or bride. However, the choice is a difficult one as the two elements of life come into conflict.

Balance and yin yang harmony. De Marco’s exclusive styling for the grieving wedding mother

” Something ends, something begins”.

Mama wesela w żałobie. Jaką kreacje wybrać na ślub córki lub syna jak mam żałobie? Porady stylistki i projektantki Władysławy Frączek.

The exclusive styles offered by the De Marco fashion salon allow you to find the right balance between mourning and your child’s wedding. Like a balance between closing an old chapter and opening a new one. The juxtaposition of the cream colour with deep black emphasises our power and expressiveness. The classic combination of white and black adds grace, symbolism and style.

De Marco luxury Polish clothing brands. Chic styles for mum weddings. Order bespoke sewing online without leaving home!.

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How to dress for a bereavement wedding?

Mourning wedding mums. De Marco’s exclusive wedding dresses and suits

Jaka sukienka, garsonka dla mamy wesela w żałobie. Stylizacje dla mamy wesela w żałobie Ekskluzywne stylizacje dla mamy wesela w żałobie Jak powinna się ubrać mama wesela w żałobie stylizacje z De Marco

The beautiful gowns and gowns, which our De Marco brand proposes, allow you to maintain the solemnity of mourning and elegance during your wedding. A sophisticated jacket with light sleeves and a skirt in light colours such as cream or alabaster create a harmonious styling.

Let’s focus on the jacket where, the sleeves are the main ornament of the styling. These original pieces sewn from organza gathered on a narrow cuff give an extraordinary dreamlike impression. The rare transparency of the fabric, which is so perfect, makes the sleeves almost an illusion rather than a real part of the styling. Despite the heavily built-up cut of the jacket thanks to the lightweight sleeves, the whole styling is perfectly balanced and meets all the requirements of the Dress code of a wedding mum.

Czarno biała minimalistyczna suknia wieczorowa. De Marco luksusowa marka premium.

Another option is a long black and white maxi dress with a high slit at the back. This is an elegant option for the mourning wedding mother. The asymmetry of the dress adds an extravagant touch to the styling. The avant-garde combination of a long formal dress with a white tailcoat perfectly masks any figure imperfections, optically correcting scoliosis and other postural defects. The original combination of the two styles is closed with a cheeky neckline. The optical cutting of the silhouette vertically along the side seam has an additional slimming effect.

The exclusive styles are carefully crafted to express respect for the traditions of mourning while emphasising the joy associated with a child’s wedding. De Marco are not just clothes, they are true works of art, made to measure and with individual preferences in mind. Thanks to these creations, the mother of the groom or bride can express her feelings and bet on elegance at a difficult moment, without giving up her participation in the joyful event.


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