Jak się ubrać na wręczenie odznaczenia? Dzień Samorządu Terytorialnego. Odznaczona Srebrnym Krzyżem Zasługi - Iwona Gibas w szytym na miarę kostiumie De Marco

How to dress for a medal presentation? Awarded with the Silver Cross of Merit – Iwona Gibas

How to dress for a decoration presentation? Local Government Day. Awarded with the Silver Cross of Merit – Iwona Gibas in a bespoke De Marco costume

On 27 May, during the celebration of Local Government Day, the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, awarded state distinctions to the most deserving local government officials. Among them was our wonderful client, Member of the Board of the Małopolska Region – Ms Iwona Gibas, awarded with the Silver Cross of Merit. At the award ceremony, she presented herself in a bespoke formal dress, designed by Władysława Frączek De Marco.

Our client, Member of the Board of the Malopolska Region Mrs Iwona Gibas – in a green costume designed by Władysława Frączek made-to-measure at Atelier De Marco. Source: facebook.com

Local Government Day. How to dress for a meeting with the president?

On 27 May, the Day of Local Self-Government, which falls on 27 May, the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, presented orders and state decorations to persons of merit for the benefit of local self-government in Poland. Among those decorated was our client, the Member of the Board of the Małopolska Region – the Honourable Ms Iwona Gibas.

Ceremony of the awarding of medals by President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda during the celebration of Local Government Day. Source: prezydent.pl

A meeting with the Head of State is certainly an occasion that calls for a well-considered outfit distinguished by elegance and chic. For women, the guiding principle of the dress code should be to compose an outfit perfectly suited to the occasion. Suits, costumes with skirts or trousers and ladies’ suits are definitely the best choice. The length of the outfit is certainly important: it should reach to the knee or beyond the knee. The colour scheme is equally important. The most elegant will be women’s ensembles or formal dresses – plain, without patterns, preferably in muted colours, matching your type of beauty.

The bespoke formal costume in the colour of copper green perfectly emphasised the exceptional beauty and figure of our wonderful client – Ms Iwona Gibas, decorated for her local government activity. The noble shade of green and the classic cut of the costume emphasised the solemn nature of the ceremony. Source: facebook.com

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Green formal costume for special occasions. Luxurious tailored women’s costumes

In addition to the stylish navy blue, which is renowned as one of the most elegant colours, gemstone colours, muted shades known as “jewel tones”, especially burgundy, emerald green or dark amethyst purple, for example, are also beautifully presented.
Luxurious creations in the colour of precious, gritty green are available in the offer of our online shop and stationary in our Atelier, also as a made-to-measure option. We offer the fashionable malachite green, for example, in the form of women’s formal costume Lisa I, suit Rebeka II, costume in duo green and beige Kira or women’s suit Erna II..

Our Atelier offers a range of exclusive formal creations in precious green. Pictured: Lisa I bodice, Women’s Erna II suit and two-colour Kira suit..

Our wonderful client, Silver Cross of Merit recipient Iwona Gibas, as always, looked elegant and stylish, yet very feminine in a beautiful custom-made costume in malachite green. We are glad that as Atelier De Marco- we could be part of these special moments. Source: facebook.com

We warmly congratulate the Honourable Ms Iwona Gibas and wish her continued success in both her professional and personal life.

Elegant formal styling in malachite green. De Marco an exclusive Polish brand with professional formal, diplomatic and business clothing for women in a representative position. De Marco online shop .

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