Jak ubrać się na wykłady jako wykładowca? Stylistka z De Marco wytyka błędy i ostrzega przed modową opatką.

How to dress for a public speech? Faux pas in speaker styling.

How to dress for public speaking?

Jak ubrać się na wykłady jako wykładowca? De Marco garnitury i marynarki dla kobiet

When choosing the right style for a public appearance as a lecturer or speaker, it is worth remembering that a professional appearance is the first message to the audience.

Choosing the right outfit is important as it helps to build credibility and authority in front of an audience. Women in high academic positions, giving lectures, training courses or presenting research results should remember that their appearance is of paramount importance.

Fashion blunder of a female lecturer.

I am a slow listener, at scientific lectures. I regret to say that not always and not all the ladies take seriously the function they are performing at the moment. Despite the succinct lectures and the vast knowledge they possess, they fail to be credible. Do not present themselves competently. What cannot be said of men, who 99% of the time remember to wear a jacket or shirt. Women in high academic positions giving lectures, training courses or presenting the results of a whole team’s research in front of an audience, must not forget that at that moment they are supposed to inspire confidence and they are supposed to present themselves professionally. All the more so since the social role assigned to us defines us as “affectionate mothers” , “caring wives” or as “busy housewives” . In a situation where we are presenting, for example, quantum theories, we should not present any of these roles.

Fascinated by the subject, the viewer eagerly awaits the tail end of the prolonged preface in the hope that Mrs Professor will come out. Meanwhile, before his eyes he has a lady in tight jeans and a tight t-shirt…. “Probably someone from the staff…”

The second important topic is the timbre of the voice. A low tone of voice is more pleasing to the ear, hence the amazing career of Krystyna Czubówna, as we all know. Naturally, we do not have much influence on the tone of the voice itself. Especially during the excitement of a particular subject, even a learned modulation of the voice does not work. What we do have influence over is the sound system. Most sound equipment has as standard the ability to lower the audible sound. I strongly urge all ladies to keep their hands on the pulse.

What shouldn’t a lecturer wear? Faux pas in speaker styling.

Naturally, it all depends on the discipline we are practising and the subject we are teaching. The atmosphere we want to bring in and our character. 

If your discipline is art, you can, and should, go wild! The more interesting, the better. The more of you in the styling, the more wonderful. If your theme is nature, such as herbalism, then I highly recommend boho and vintage styling. Richly inspired by nature. If your discipline is sport, I recommend professional sports styling.

However, if you’re reading this and don’t represent any of the above disciplines, please don’t score a fashion blunder by dressing:

Flannel, stretched jumpers, T-shirts, too-bright and difficult-to-understand compositions, too-short or cut-out creations, jeans without a jacket. Dresses and blouses with flowers, cats, birds, mice and other cuties, tracksuits, T-shirts with an infantile print or advertisement of some brand, a tight knitted T-shirt or top without a jacket. I also do not recommend simple office styles, which are commonly associated with the term ‘boring’.

Forgive me if anyone felt offended by this part of the article, I also feel embarrassed myself, but I would not have raised the issue if it were not for the fact that the problem is widespread. 

What should the styling look like for a woman lecturer, speaker?How to dress for a public speech?

Charismatic modern business styles for active women. Smart casual outfits with trousers in trendy beige are the perfect solution for business meetings, lectures, symposiums and conferences.

De Marco Polish women’s suits for work made-to-measure Online Shop .

Eleganckie rozświetlające i wzbudzające zaufanie stylizacje biznesowe dla kobiet.

Elegant and illuminating blazers inspire confidence and emphasise professional style. De Marco online shop .

Whether the majority of participants are dressed casually or in a more formal manner, as a lecturer it is advisable to adopt a more formal dress code. Smart casual styling may be an appropriate choice, where a blazer or jacket is added to an everyday business outfit. If the majority of the audience is wearing smart casual, choose business professional styling, i.e. a formal suit, a jacket and skirt set or a dress, a business style ladies suit.

How to dress for public speaking?

Intense colours are perfectly fine as long as we maintain an elegant style.

De Marco Eleganckie i Casualowe stylizacje do pracy szyte na miarę
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It is worth taking care of the right styling to reflect our competence and credibility. De Marco offers elegant business clothing that is perfect for such events. Our Polish clothes are tailor-made, allowing for a perfect fit to our figure and emphasising our professional image. 

Timeless patterns are worth remembering: pepit, polka dots, zigzags and stripes.

Eleganckie ubrania do pracy w biurze De Marco polskie stylizacje do pracy w biurze

The lecturer’s styling should be elegant and fashionable.

De Marco polskie garnitury i garsonki wizytowe, biznesowe i dyplomatyczne dla kobiety na stanowisku dyrektorskim, doktorskim,
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De Marco offers bespoke tailored elegant business wear for women. Our most fashionable women’s suits are perfect for representative positions. Professional bespoke tailoring of business, diplomatic and formal creations is our speciality. De Marco’s Polish clothes are characterised by good quality and look great on screen and in the limelight. They are ideal women’s creations for congresses, symposiums, interviews and press conferences. Check out the Diamond collection for progressive women who are actively creating the present and the future. 

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