De Marco - polska marka odzieży premium dla Kobiet Sukcesu Władysława Frączek

On route to Energylandia. Premium luxury brand on the Jagiellonian Trail. tailor-made Krakow Skawina Wadowice

On route to Energylandia. Premium luxury brand on the Jagiellonian Trail. tailor-made Krakow Skawina Wadowice

What awaits you on the Jagiellonian Trail, the Krakow to Zator route!

What attractions does Małopolska, Podbeskidzie, the Carpathian Foothills and Beskid Mały have in store for us? The area is rich in fantastic landscapes, numerous cycling routes, attractive tourist trails. As reported by the scientific portal “… In Kraków the Jurassic limestone is mainly visible, but in the vicinity of nearby Krzeszowice rocks of the Palaeozoic era are exposed, including products of volcanism in the Permian. And as recently as a century ago, Carboniferous coal was being mined in Tenczynku. In the Carpathian Mountains, just south of Krakow, rocks formed in the Tethys Ocean are exposed, and salt from Wieliczka was formed in the Miocene in the last sea in Poland…” This is the Royal Capital City of Krakow, the coronation city now known as the cultural capital of Poland. Apart from Krakow, we can also come across amazing archaeological sites dating back to prehistoric times, wonderful monuments telling us about the history of Poland. It is a very developed tourist area, with numerous modern attractions such as ski lifts on the Black Groń, restaurants in wonderful places such as Kocierz or the charming Molo. Wonderful spa hotels with an ingenious use of historic architecture, such as Jacek Młyn in Jaroszowice. Karpik with excellent cuisine and in an excellent way referring to the new tradition of the “Karp Festival” in the Carp Valley. The family home of John Paul II in Wadowice a wonderful place connected with modern history. The beautiful gardens of John Paul II and numerous amusement parks known throughout Europe, such as Inwałd Park, Dinozatorland and Energylandia. We can also boast of other enterprises such as the Maspex Corporation, based in Wadowice, which owns well-known brands, i.e. Tymbark, Libella, Sopot and others: Tymbark, Libella, Soplica etc. Polish family company Paluszki Beskidzkie, and on the historic Jagiellonian Trail on the route to Energylandia is the Polish luxury clothing brand De Marco.

All these places, companies and people are extremely charismatic personalities working hard for the good image of the whole region. We are honoured to be able to co-create and make this amazing area of Poland more attractive. We warmly invite you to visit Malopolska. :)

Luxury clothing brand

What distinguishes a luxury brand? De Marco Polish women’s clothing

Luxury clothing brand Bespoke sewing Krakow, Skawina Wadowice, Zator, Bielsko Biała.

De Marco, founded by the designer and clothing stylist Wladyslawa Frączek, is not only about excellent, high quality creations created in the Atelier, for various occasions. De Marco is also a brand with a wide range of offerings, both when it comes to different ranks of women’s outfits (casual, formal, occasional, business or diplomatic styling) and basic, basic type elements.A wide selection of high-quality garments that form the basis of a variety of looks is key, especially for women wishing to build a well-thought-out, stylish and timeless capsule wardrobe – which will be characterised by exclusivity and the highest quality, both in terms of the fabrics used and the tailoring craftsmanship.

Award-winning, respected stylist, designer, creator of the De Marco brand – Wladyslawa Frączek at her Atelier De Marco, in Frydrychowice near Wadowice between Krakow, Zator and Bielsko.Purchasing at Atelier De Marco – a recognised Polish womenswear brand – is also an expression of patriotism. A sewing room located in Poland, the use of the highest quality materials, with an emphasis on those sourced domestically. Polish premium brands, De Marco a luxury clothing brand against the backdrop of popular low-cost chain brands – are also characterised by care for workers and their working conditions, as well as the environment. Clothing created in domestic premium clothing brands promotes a reduced carbon footprint and thus greater care for the environment.

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De Marco – a Polish clothing brand worth knowing.

Luxury clothing brand for women. A premium luxury brand on the Jagiellonian trail. tailoring to measure Cracow Skawina Wadowice

De Marco is a luxury family brand with its roots in the Malopolska region. In our women’s collections, you will find high-quality, perfectly tailored – women’s suits, formal suits and suits, coats, dresses and evening dresses, suits, trousers or blouses and shirts. De Marco’s collections are above all for successful women, businesswomen and lovers of timeless, elegant and extremely feminine style.Famous personalities from the world of politics, business or art are among the brand’s clients. De Marco’s creations are consistently chosen by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda. Stylizations from Atelier De Marco can be seen both on stage (e.g. “All in the Family” directed by Andrzej Nejman, Municipal Theatre in Gliwice) and in films (e.g. “In-laws” directed by Jakub Michalczuk).


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