Ekskluzywna odzież damska szyta na miarę w De Marco Skle on-line sukienki i suknie na wesele dla dojrzałych kobiet.

How to dress for a wedding in your 50s? What colour suits a wedding in autumn and winter?

How to dress for a wedding in your 50s? What colour suits a wedding in autumn and winter?

Sensual navy blue De Marco evening dress

A navy blue wedding dress is one of the most versatile, dignified and fashionable looks at the same time, fitting practically every woman. How to style a navy blue dress for a Wedding Mum? What to combine navy blue with to look fashionable and stylish?

Jak ubrać się na wesele po 50 tce, 60 tce? Ekskluzywne sukienki od polskiej projektantki. Klientki opinie i inspiracje

Navy blue is one of the most versatile yet elegant colours. It will work perfectly both in formal attire, business attire, an elegant casual outfit, as well as in a luxurious evening outfit, including a wedding dress for Mum. It delights with its classic elegance and dignity.

Our glamorous client in a minimalist evening gown tailor-made in the atelier of W. Frączek in Frydrychowice. Many thanks for the opportunity to publish the photos and we wish you further success.

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Luxurious long evening dress in sensual navy blue dedicated to wedding, reception, jubilee, gala, banquet. Fashionable evening dresses 2023 De Marco

De Marco exclusive women’s tailor-made dresses for wedding in September, October, November, December, January and February

Ponad czasowe modne i minimalistyczne granatowe sukienki na wesele dla 50 latki, 60 latki... De Marco luksusowa polska marka odzieżowa od 20 lat na rynku

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Shades of navy blue, especially mature, dark blue is an elegant and extremely noble colour. It looks great on women with a delicate, Slavic type of beauty, redheads as well as brunettes and brunettes. Styling in navy blue is also a great option for different colour types. Navy blue looks beautiful in duets with cool shades such as silver, as well as with warm shades such as gold or copper. Garnet blends beautifully with most gemstones, so presenting a garnet evening dress in a duet with, for example, emerald, amethyst or ruby, is a fashion “bull’s eye” – perfectly emphasising the aristocratic character of the colour.

Ekskluzywna polska moda De marco. Granatowe suknie wieczorowe dla matki weselnej i nie tylko szyte na miarę w atelier we Frydrychowicach.

Our beautiful client, tailored navy blue maxi evening gown, juxtaposed with gold-coloured accessories, further accentuating it with an emerald-coloured pendant. Navy blue offers great possibilities and ease in constructing a variety of extremely elegant and feminine looks.

Exclusive women’s clothing De Marco tailoring Krakow, Poznan, Wadowice, Katowice, Wroclaw, Jelenia Gora, Zamosc, Gdansk, Swinoujscie, Gdynia, Bydgoszcz, Torun, Gliwice, Zakopane, Lublin, Opole, Warsaw…. All over Poland, we also provide professional tailoring services remotely. Just fill in the form with the measurements on the online shop and we will contact you within 24 hours. De Marco SKLE ON-LINE.

Bespoke dress from a designer – how to get the dress right for your body type?

Bespoke sewing, also known as tailored sewing, not only gives enormous possibilities in creating a creation that is the fulfilment of dreams in terms of colour and cut, but also the opportunity to create together a creation that, like no other, will perfectly emphasise and expose the qualities of our figure. The evening dress created on the special order of our client is a great example of this. The maxi dress, flared, beautifully hugging the figure, was designed to nicely emphasise the strong points of the figure. The refined neckline, in the style of a mock neckline, makes the beautiful, rather large bust and the finer shoulder line well emphasised and accentuated. At the same time, the neck is optically lengthened, especially when matched with a natural-looking, high neck hairdo. This not only slims the neck visually, but also the entire silhouette.

Profesjonalne krawiectwo damskie De Marco Luksuowa polska odyiey damska szyta na miarę w Małopolsce. Sklep on+line

Our beautiful client, accompanied by the designer, the well-known and respected Władysława Frączek, in our Atelier De Marco. The selected long evening dress delights with its classic elegance of cut and stylish colours.

De Marco Exclusive tailor-made women’s clothing in Frydrychowice.

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Fashionable luxury formal and evening wear in classic style from Polish manufacturer De Marco

Exclusive women’s clothing De Marco a Polish brand worth knowing. What colour suits a wedding in autumn and winter?

Gdzie kupić sukienkę na wesele dla dojrzałej pani? Luksusowe polskie marki odzieżowe De Marco sklep internetowy

Navy blue is a universal and timeless colour, both in terms of beauty types and occasions. Whether we are looking for creations for formal occasions, such as the opening of a branch or a conference, or for special celebrations and parties, such as a wedding and a child’s wedding – navy blue always works perfectly, both for young ladies and women 40+50+60+. Navy blue creations are class, style and elegance at the highest level. In the picture: Abelia navy blue formal set, a set of a dress with jacket/garment Oriana, granate pleated dress Rode, elegant formal set Sanna.

De Marco exclusive tailored women’s clothing suits and dresses for weddings in September, October, November, December, January and February

Prestiżowe polskie marki. De Marco elegancka ekskluzywna odzież damska, szycie na miarę Kraków, Warszawa, Wadowice, Wrocław, Poznań

Complete Milona jacket and Pladia pleated skirt, Psyche II visit dress in version with attached basque perfectly emphasizing the hip line, Roma navy blue dress with lowered waist – ideal for tall women.


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