jak się ubrać na jubileusz? Ekskluzywna szyta na miarę garsonka wizytowa maxi De Marco. Jubileusz Akademii Nauk Stosowanych w Nowym Sączu

How to dress for an anniversary? De Marco’s exclusive women’s suits

How to dress for an anniversary, anniversaries, awards ceremony? How to represent prestigious universities, academies, institutions with dignity?

De Marco’s exclusive bespoke maxi formal suit. Jubilee of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz

On 16 March, the Academy of Applied Sciences in New Sącz celebrated the central celebration of its 25th anniversary. For this special occasion, the host of the celebration, our wonderful client, Mrs Dr Aneta Oleksy-Gębczyk, chose a luxurious tailor-made at Atelier De Marco – a formal suit with a maxi skirt, in a beautiful, intense raspberry colour.

A magnificent evening suit with a maxi skirt, hand-decorated with the author’s floral composition, created in our Atelier De Marco, according to the design of Władysława Frączek.

25th anniversary of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz. Central Jubilee Celebrations

The main celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz took place on 16 March. The academy, established on 1 July 1998, has educated almost 22,000 specialists over its 25 years of operation. As a modern vocational training unit, the academy offers the opportunity to study at six faculties: Economic Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts, Engineering Sciences, Physical Culture and Safety Sciences and Health Sciences.

A unique celebration such as the University’s Jubilee requires appropriate attire. The most appropriate outfit for the occasion is ladies’ formal wear. For this occasion, our client, Dr Aneta Oleksy-Gębczyk, chose a beautiful ladies’ formal dress set with a long skirt – made to order at Atelier De Marco..

The programme of the main celebrations of the Academy’s Jubilee included a solemn Mass, a procession and a meeting of the Senate. During the official part of the event, awards were presented to the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz. Those gathered had the opportunity to listen to, among other things, a jubilee lecture and a short concert by the choir of the F. Chopin State School of Music of the First and Second Degree in Nowy Sącz. Honourary patronage over the Central Jubilee Celebrations of the Academy’s establishment was assumed by Dr Przemysław Czarnek, Professor of the Catholic University of Lublin – Minister of Education and Science.

How to dress for an anniversary, formal lecture, celebration? De Marco luxury formal women’s suit with maxi skirt

Men’s attire for formal events, such as anniversaries, celebrations, awards and prizes, is – in terms of colours – rather limited. Ladies, on the other hand, can afford much more, both in terms of cuts and precisely the colours. One very elegant styling option for women is the exclusive formal suit.

A luxurious formal suit in colour, cut or finish should be consistent with the image and personality of the wearer. For the central celebration of the university’s 25th anniversary, Dr Aneta Oleksy-Gębczyk chose a stylish, extremely feminine suit with a maxi skirt, in raspberry – available in the bespoke sewing option.

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A formal dress for special occasions – such as anniversaries, celebrations, awards galas, etc. – should stand out with its chic, refined cut, but at the same time be an example of well-understood simplicity – especially when it comes to the finishing touches and accessories of the styling. A perfect example of this is the creation of Dr Aneta Oleksy-Gębczyk. The counterbalance to the intense raspberry colour of the suit is the simple, very elegant cut.

The mermaid-style maxi skirt, with its figure-hugging, fitted top that extends from the knee to the hem, emphasises grace and femininity. It is completed with a stylish jacket with a slanted neckline, finished with a stylish stand-up collar. The asymmetrical fastening line is a modern accent in duet with the classic pattern.The proverbial “icing on the cake” that draws the attention of those gathered is certainly the beautiful auteur floral composition, hand-formed, placed on the shoulder next to the jacket.

Our client, Dr Aneta Oleksy-Gębczyk, presented herself in a bespoke formal suit with a maxi skirt at Atelier De Marco for the central anniversary celebrations of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz. We recommend our wide range of luxurious formal women’s suits designed by designer Władysława Frączek.


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