Garnitur damski dla mamy wesela De Marco opinie

Is it appropriate to go to a wedding in a women’s suit? The most fashionable sets with trousers for the wedding mother

Is it appropriate to go to a wedding in a women’s suit? De Marco Unusual exclusive women’s wedding suit for mother and mother-in-law weddings. The most fashionable styles with feathers and trousers.

Luxury women’s tailored suit with feathers. Trendy creations embellished with feathers by De Marco Evening styling with trousers for the wedding mother,

Exclusive women’s suits, modern suits and trendy feathered dresses for summer weddings

Feathered evening wear and special occasion dresses are one of the most interesting and fashionable trends in recent times. They are worn not only by world cinema stars, but also by representatives of royal families. Luxurious creations decorated with feathers are also available in our Atelier and online shop – in the tailor-made option.

Ekskluzywne sukienki i garnitury damskie dla mamy wesela. Modne luksusowe kreacje z piórami

Beautiful blue creations with feathers – for prestigious events and family celebrations from Polish designer Władysława Frączek. Pictured: free formal dress with feathers by Fabiana II, exclusive women’s suit with feathers Siena I,gown for Siena Wedding Mother,.

Luxurious formal and evening creations with feathers – in the style of Queen Letizia

The feather accessory trend has become extremely popular for formal and evening wear, creating fanciful, unique and, above all, daring outfits. Although associated with a certain kind of fashion extravagance, suits or dresses decorated with feathers are worn by well-known and universally loved celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Julian Moore.

garnitury czy suknie zdobione piórami, noszą znane i powszechnie lubiane gwiazdy światowego formatu, na czele z Jennifer Lopez, Angeliną Jolie czy Julian Moore.

Dresses, evening gowns and women’s suits take on a special character when decorated with feathers, as can be seen in the creations of film and music stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore. Source:,, Despite the fact that exclusive creations with feathers are associated more with the stage attire of pop culture stars than with contemporary representatives of royal families. This trend has also impressed, for example, Queen Letizia, wife of Spanish King Philip VI of Bourbon.

Garnitur damski z piórami

Queen Letizia is renowned for her exceptional sense of style and her ability to combine classic elegance with the latest trends. The fashionable feathered evening suit beautifully accentuated the monarch’s impeccable figure and caught the eyes of everyone in attendance. Source:

Sensual and flirtatious. Women’s suits and suits with feathers from Polish manufacturer De Marco

Women’s formal or evening wear decorated with feathers is an excellent opportunity to present oneself at celebrations, cultural events or galas – elegantly and originally. A women’s suit, suit, costume or dress – decorated with a feather motif – is a virtually complete styling, requiring little in the way of accessories. Decorative, exclusive women’s ensembles and evening dresses with feathers are a surefire way to stand out from the crowd and emphasise your character and personality.

Ekskluzywne garnitury damskie na lato De Marco błękitny komplet ze spodniami dla mamy wesela

Women’s wedding suit for mother and mother-in-law

Our gorgeous client in an extravagant set with trousers for a special family celebration.

Thank you for using our bespoke sewing service and for sharing your photographs. We warmly greet you and wish you much success.

Unusual women’s suit for son or daughter’s wedding

The combination of light blue, embroidered tulle and ostrich feathers is also great for special family celebrations such as a child’s Communion or Wedding. Pictured: our gorgeous client in a bespoke women’s suit Siena I from our Royal Collection.

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