Sukienki i kostiumy żakardowe na wesele dla 50-latki, 60-latki. Ekskluzywne suknie dla mamy i teściowej

Wedding dresses and outfits for 50 year olds, 60 year olds. Exclusive dresses for mother and mother-in-law

Wedding dresses for 50 year olds, 60 year olds. Exclusive dresses for mother and mother-in-law

They are perfect for a wedding in summer as well as in autumn or winter. Dresses and suits in jacquard fabric with a beautiful metallic pattern will slim the silhouette for an elegant and extremely glamorous look. We present dedicated Mom and Mother-in-Law wedding and baby shower luxurious proposals of stylish cocktail dresses, evening dresses and suits, for ladies 50+60+.

Luxury wedding creations dedicated to ladies 50+60+ for Mom, Mother-in-law, Godmother. On this special day it is worth deciding on a creation that will allow us to “shine”, to stand out from the crowd of invited guests. In the picture, we present exclusive wedding creations dedicated to the mature age, available in the bespoke sewing option: visit dress with jacket by Laurentine, beautiful evening dress in jacquard fabric fromthe Nunilona III evening set, the exquisite Paula jacquard dress..

How should a Mum or Mother-in-law dress for her son/daughter’s wedding? Elegant wedding creations for the Wedding Mum

When choosing a creation for a wedding and a child’s wedding, we often wonder what is inappropriate to wear to such an important celebration, being a woman in her 50s or 60s. There is still a misconception that ladies of mature age are not allowed to wear many cuts, colours or accessories. However, for ladies 50+60+, there are no exceptional restrictions as regards styling for a wedding – due to their age. The wedding outfit for mums, mothers-in-law and godmothers-in-law should comply with the generally accepted dress code, type of beauty and figure, as well as individual preferences.

So how should a Mum or Mother-in-law dress for a wedding? Above all elegant, dignified and appropriate to the occasion – just like any other guest, but the Wedding Mother on that day can stand out from the other invitees in a special way – as she is the second most important woman during these special celebrations. Shiny, long (evening style) outfits in high-quality, glamorous materials are therefore welcome.

Sukienki i kostiumy żakardowe wesele dla 50-latki, 60-latki. Ekskluzywne suknie dla mamy i teściowej

A wedding dress for ladies 50+60+ should, above all, be in keeping with the character of the event and the woman herself. There are no cuts or colours which are unsuitable for women – due to their mature age. However, there are creations which are especially dedicated to 50- and 60-year-old women – due to their exceptional elegance and delightful ability to “bring out” what is most beautiful in a mature woman – her natural beauty, self-confidence and awareness of her assets. The luxurious creations from our Atelier, made of beautiful jacquard fabric in the colour of extinguished blue and white gold, are styles created for ladies who, due to their life wisdom and experience, perfectly know how to look beautiful, classy and unusually sensual – not only at special moments. In the picture: wonderful jacquard ball gown Paula and evening gown from the Nunilona III evening set..

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How to dress for a wedding in your 50s, 60s? Elegant wedding stylings for Mum from Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek

Styling for a wedding and reception for Mum, Mother-in-law, Godmother-in-law – aged 50+60+ should definitely stand out in style and elegance. As parents of the bride and groom, we not only have a representative function – we usually also have to take care of organisational matters. That is why it is worth choosing a dress or suit that combines refined elegance and exceptional comfort.Jacquard fabric is an extremely stylish material, yet surprisingly comfortable and convenient. Creations in luxurious jacquard in muted blue and white gold are ideal for ladies who want to look glamorous all night long – without any additional treatments, restrictions or care.

Jak się ubrać na wesele po 50-tce, 60-tce? Eleganckie stylizacje na wesele dla Mamy od polskiej projektantki Władysławy Frączek

Our jacquard wedding creations, dedicated to Mother and Mother-in-Law in their mature age – provide exceptional comfort, not only of movement, but also with the certainty that regardless of the time or hurry – we look beautiful and impeccable. Jacquard creations perfectly maintain the shape set by the designer – giving a slimming effect. A gently rounded belly after hours of play or a naturally fuller bust are not a problem – thanks to the higher density of the jacquard weave, the fabric nicely keeps problem areas “in check”. Jacquard also has a high resistance to creasing – thus eliminating the problem of deformation or unsightly “wrinkling “of the creation.
In the picture: designed by Władysława Frączek, designed for the Mom of the Wedding Jacquard Laurentine suit..


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