Luksusowa złota żakardowa sukienka De Marco mama wesela

Luxury gold dress, suit or costume for wedding 2023

De Marco’s exclusive glittering dress, suit or costume for women

A moment as special as a wedding and reception requires a unique and refined setting. The right creation for the occasion, will emphasise the prestige and extremely solemn character of the event. Here are our exquisite, fashionable jacquard dresses and costumes in royal gold – perfect for your 2023 wedding and reception.

Wedding creations for 2023 in truly royal style. Stunning formal dresses and costumes in gold jacquard. Pictured: the gold Leda flared dress is the perfect recipe for a beautiful look for your own wedding at the registry office. The style, class and elegance of the jacquard will impress everyone. The pencil, stylishHeliad dress is the perfect styling for Mom’s wedding and beyond.

Gold jacquard creation for Mom Weddings. Unique bridal and wedding styling for Mum 2023

Jacquard is definitely a fabric associated with the majesty and elegance of people of noble birth, led by the royal family. This peculiar “breath of luxury” in times past, is now available to anyone who can appreciate its uniqueness and beauty. The secret of Jacquard’s seductive appearance lies in the technique of its creation. On a specially developed loom with a Jacquard mechanism (after Joseph Marie Jacquard, the creator of the technique), a “fleshy” fabric is created, which is distinguished by its strength and durability and has astonishing properties – beautifully maintaining the shape and form “set” by the designer, resistant to creasing and at the same time very comfortable.

During one of the most important days of her family’s life, our beautiful client chose a stunningHeliady jacquard pencil dress. Heliady is a unique creation, in a beautiful gold colour, designed in jacquard fabric with an inspiring pattern. A rich, majestic and stately creation that requires little styling. Complemented with colour-consistent stilettos and delicate jewellery, it creates a cohesive, truly refined look that reflects the uniqueness and importance of the event. An additional asset of the creation are the detachable sleeves, which enable a quick metamorphosis of the dress from a formal, more formal version to a model for hours of fun on the dance floor.

De Marco’s exclusive glittering dress, suit or costume for women

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Jacquard fabric works well not only for simple, classic pencil dress cuts. Thanks to its properties, it looks particularly beautiful in flared cuts such as our gold jacquard ball gown Justicia with alluring elbow-length sleeves and the Macarena in gold jacquard, short-sleeved option.

Jacquard gold creation for Mom’s Wedding…and more

A luxurious, alluring jacquard dress or women’s costume is not only a great look for the Mother of the Bride and Groom. The charm and style that characterise our gold jacquard creations are also perfect for other very festive moments and events. A costume or suit in gold jacquard fabric is a captivating option for a gala, awards and prizes ceremony or the celebration of important anniversaries. The gold glittering thread woven into the fabric looks stunning not only in natural light, but above all in stage lights and spotlights, making you literally “shine” in front of your audience.

A gold jacquard dress, costume or suit is a refined option also for official professional ceremonies or cultural events – premieres, galas, award ceremonies, anniversaries and anniversaries. A great example of luxurious styling with jacquard is the exclusive Dian combined fabric costumea or the gold Serena II dress with Imga jacket.

For those looking for a modern and elegant creation for a communion or christening, gold jacquard will also be a great choice. You should also consider choosing a gold jacquard fabric creation for your own wedding, even after 50+. The gold shade will beautifully accentuate and light up the complexion, especially on ladies with a warm colour type. The embossed pattern and refined colour scheme will emphasise the importance and festive nature of your special day.

Luxury gold dress, suit or costume for wedding 2023

De Marco’s exclusive glittering dress, suit or costume for women

Exclusive dress-coat sets or modern glamour-style suits are guaranteed to look perfect. The gold Hymena III suit is an asymmetrical original jacket with pencil skirt perfect styling for a wedding, christening or anniversary. Elegant and over-the-top dress/coat combinations are also a hit for the perfect high-waisted look. De Marco fashion shop Bogna dress coat: online shop.

Women’s tailor-made costume for the film In-laws

Director: Jakub Michalczukscreenplay: Marek Modzelewskiproduction: Polanddistribution: Next Filmstudio: Akson Studio / Next Film (co-production) / Polish Film Institute (co-financing)Director: Jakub Michalczuk
screenplay: Marek Modzelewski
production: Poland
distribution: Next Film
studio: Akson Studio / Next Film (co-production) / Polish Film Institute (co-financing)






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