Modne kostiumy, garsonki i garnitury damskie 2023

SPRING SUMMER 2023 TRENDS What to wear to a communion, wedding, christening?

TRENDS SPRING SUMMER 2023: Fashionable outfits, suits and suits for women 2023

Elegant stylish ensembles for weddings, communions, christenings or other family and professional celebrations do not have to and should not be styles for just this one occasion. Our jacquard and plain costumes or women’s suits can be successfully combined together to create creations for a variety of occasions. It’s the perfect way to both look spectacular for everyday – for work, as well as for “big outings” – and to “wrap up” with a high-quality creation.

Our extensive range of exclusive jacquard creations – dresses, costumes, suits or suits, as well as luxury jacquard accessories and accessories – will allow you to always look beautiful and stylish.

Luxurious dresses and costumes in jacquard fabric for special occasions

A dress, costume or women’s suit in jacquard fabric with a beautiful, inspiring pattern is a great option for ladies who appreciate elegance, high quality and functionality. A luxurious women’s suit in jacquard or a beautiful dress, allow you to create styles that are distinguished by a unique, extremely dignified and prestigious character. It is therefore not surprising that jacquard is extremely popular, especially for all kinds of important, landmark events, both of a family and professional nature. Appearing in a skilfully selected and composed jacquard women’s ensemble emphasises the importance of the event and increases prestige.

Modne kostiumy, garsonki i garnitury damskie 2023
Exclusive women’s clothing De Marco luxury Polish brand: Online shop of Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek..

Although one is used to thinking that formal costumes, suits or suits are of a rather narrow use – with our formal jacquard creations we prove otherwise. The Kasandra jacquard fabric bodice – a short jacquard blazer and pencil skirt in off-white indigo with white gold, is the perfect styling for “big outings” and moments important to the family – wedding and reception, communion, christening or anniversary. It will also be perfect for cultural or professional events – where we are expected to perform a prominent representative function. So whether we are going to a premiere, an exhibition, the opening of a branch or subsidiary, a gala or receiving an award or distinction – the Kasandra women’s suit will be the perfect choice.

Kasandra women’s suit in a more casual version, although invariably very elegant. The jacquard pencil skirt of the Kasandra suit is complemented – to optically lengthen the lower part of the body – with a wonderful jacquard belt with an original, slimming waistline. The belt also works perfectly when styled with trousers, as can be seen in the photo and on the De Marco online shop.

To introduce a more casual, slightly less formal feel, it is juxtaposed with an elegant white Marga II blouse, with sensual shoulder slits. The result is styling for an exhibition, a meeting with friends, a garden party, or even swapping the blouse for a version without slits Marga I or the Marisol blouse – for everyday, for work.

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Exclusive ‘many-faced’ suit. Fashionable plain suit for work and wedding

The wardrobe of a Successful Woman, who cares not only about style, but also about quality and comfort, should certainly not lack a universal, plain set – a costume, suit or woman’s suit. Such styling, especially with an element (belt, top, waistcoat) made of jacquard fabric that “enlivens” the whole outfit, allows you to present yourself beautifully and originally. A plain suit, in a colour or neutral shade suited to your beauty type, is not only an excellent base, but is sure to attract the admiring glances of those gathered at a business reception, award ceremony, communion service or jubilee.

Smooth women’s suits from the Mira line are one creation for special occasions, which gives great styling possibilities – creating great sets based on them, for various occasions – also casual or for work.

Genuine elegance and simplicity are increasingly rare in ‘salons’, which is a shame. Timeless, classic cuts, the absence of flashy colours and body epitomising – is definitely a sign of style, elegance and class. Tranquillity, order and harmony – it will always delight and allow you to stand out in a positive way.
A fashionable baseline proposal for family and professional celebrations are certainly smooth women’s suits – Mira II or Mira III..

Elegant evening suits for women by De Marco

For typically evening occasions, the tailcoat model of the women’s suit- Mira is available in an elegant dark navy blue option. To complement the creation – a gorgeous jacquard waistcoat type top with an American neckline. Perfect styling for parties, galas – where we want to look beautiful, prestigious and professional at the same time.

Elegant evening suits for women

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TRENDS SPRING SUMMER 2023! What to wear to a communion, wedding, christening?

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