ZATOR. Prezydent Andrzej Duda i Marszałek Iwona Gibas w Energylandii

Mustard tailored formal and business styling by De Marco

Modern business and diplomatic suits. De Marco tailor-made Krakow, Skawina, Zator, Wadowice, Bielsko-Biala

Mustard tailored formal and business styling by De Marco

How to present yourself with cash as a woman of diplomacy, politics and business?

Jak z klasą prezentować się na ważnych spotkaniach?

How to present yourself with class at important meetings? Deputy Speaker Iwona Gibas chose a modern elegant suit in an intense mustard colour during the visit of Polish President Andrzej Duda to Energylandia in Zatorze. 

The colour mustard – a warm, muted yellow – is perfect for both summer celebrations and the upcoming autumn 2023. How to wear mustard for formal or business outfits? What to combine with? Here is a beautiful example of De Marco’s formal styling, in warm yellow.

Wice marszałek Iwona Gibas w nowoczesnej musztardowej garsonce z De Marco

The undisputed style icon of the Małopolska region, the esteemed Ms Iwona Gibas – in a bespoke mustard-coloured De Marco formal dress, during the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Volunteer Fire Brigade unit in Polanka Wielka. Source:

Mustard colour not just for autumn! Trendy appointments in shades of yellow and orange

Mustard is a colour that is one of a kind. A combination of warm yellow, orange and brown with the glow of elegant gold. Styling in the shade of mustard is a tried and tested way to look elegant, but also unusual and original. It does not have the aggressiveness of bright shades, although it does ‘carry’ their energy and joy.Mustard colour, although it is most strongly associated with the colours of autumn, is also great for modern, fashionable and energetic formal styling, especially those taking place outdoors, such as celebrations, inaugurations, city birthdays or anniversaries. The styling chosen by our client, Member of the Board of the Małopolska Region, Ms Iwona Gibas, is a perfect example.

Musztardowa stylizacja z De Marco. Jak powinna prezentować się kobieta na stanowisku?

Mustard is a colour that definitely allows you to stand out from the crowd, while at the same time looking elegant and stylish. Mrs Iwona Gibas, during the 125th anniversary of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Polanka Wielka, presented herself in an energetic, mustard-coloured formal set – jacket with skirt, tailored in our Atelier. Source:

In formal wear, especially when performing important representative functions, it is worth using the ‘power’ of the message of this unique colour. Warm yellow evokes very positive associations and creates the image of a cheerful, courageous and open person. For this reason, it is ideal for direct contact with listeners, employees, customers or constituents. Warm yellow supports the image of an imaginative, creative and innovative woman, focused on satisfactorily solving the difficulties and problems she encounters.

Modern business and diplomatic suits

Musztardowa stylizacja kobiety na wysokim stanowisku

For summer or early autumn meetings and events – the mustard tailored costume is a striking and stylish proposition. The slightly subdued shade of yellow and orange, combined with the classic, very feminine cut of the formal suit – allows to create an elegant and subdued styling, great also for official ceremonies, e.g. in a temple, where a specific dress code applies. Pictured: The Honourable Mrs Iwona Gibas, during the official part of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Polanka Wielka. Source:

Biznesowe garsonki De Marco w kolorze musztardowym

Suits, suits or costumes in mustard colour. How to wear?

De Marco Polish luxury brand for elegant women. Modern business and diplomatic suits, fashionable women’s suits and costumes for women of science, culture, art, diplomacy, business and politics.

Although mustard is a shade of yellow, it has a much more noble and subdued elegance about it. At the same time, it is a very expressive colour, which can be used not only at special events and family occasions, but also, for example, at conferences or business meetings of a less formal nature.Although, due to its tonality, it looks most beautiful on women with a warm colour type, skilfully styled, it is suitable for most women who appreciate original, interesting styling and eye-catching accessories.

Musztardowa stylizacja dyplomatyczna dla dojrzałej kobiety. Iwona Gibas w nowoczesnej garsonce z De Marco

Mustard is devoid of the aggressiveness of intense, bright yellow. Ladies with a warm colour type (spring and autumn type) will look beautiful in it. Photo source:

Monochrome styling, including in mustard – is definitely the way to create a formal outfit perfect for the most formal occasions and events. However, this warm shade of yellow is also a colour that is great for styling in combination with other colours. It will certainly look best with neutral black, grey and beige. Such combinations will create a calmer and more subdued look, especially for formal events.

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For the bolder and for less formal occasions, we recommend combining mustard with beautiful bottle green, blue (especially towards denim) or mature burgundy. Keep in mind that for a stylish and exclusive effect, limit yourself to 2 or possibly 3 colours. Sets that are too varied in colour automatically make the styling fall in the gradation of outfits to a lower level.

Eleganckie komplety damskie ze spodniami lub spódnicą na wesele.

We invite you to browse our range of exclusive and stylish formal and business creations in mustard, available online in our De Marco webshop.


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