Eleganckie komplety damskie ze spodniami lub spódnicą na wesele.

Mustard women’s ensembles with trousers or skirt for wedding

Elegant women’s ensembles with trousers or skirt

Elegant women’s ensembles with trousers or skirt for a wedding are a true symbol of style and class. Władysława Frączek, a Polish designer of exclusive women’s clothing, has created a collection dominated by fashionable and beautiful intense colours, ideal for chic styling. Her honey-coloured creations are perfect for weddings, visits and gardens full of flowers.

Honey styling for weddings, visits and garden parties.

These elegant women’s ensembles with trousers or skirt are dedicated to women of all ages, from 40-year-olds to 50-year-olds to 60-year-olds. The first unique style is the honey women’s cocktail set. It consists of a wide and flowy maxi skirt and a blouse with a wave at the neckline, sleeveless but with dropped shoulders. This gorgeous creation is perfect for dancing and emphasises feminine delicacy.

The second style is an elegant women’s set with trousers, perfect for a wedding or garden party. It consists of chic, fashionable trousers with wide legs on a high rise. This set provides comfort and freedom of movement while exuding elegance.

The third suggestion is a gorgeous formal, modern suit for the mother of the wedding. The jacket embellished with jeweled buttons pairs perfectly with the fancy skirt.

Mustard colour, what colour to combine with?

The mustard colour of our creation can be juxtaposed with other intense colours. To further emphasise the energetic nature of spring and summer styling, it is worth adding accessories in equally intense colours, from lapis lazuli purple to fuchsia and magenta. If you want to tone down the style, go for accessories in golden shades.

If you want to add a beautiful autumn note to your outfit, you can go for accessories in burgundy, emerald and dark green tones. Such accents will add depth and elegance to our creations.

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Elegant women’s ensembles with trousers or skirt

Elegant women’s ensembles with trousers or skirt for a wedding are a sophisticated choice for women who want to look glamorous and extremely stylish. Wladyslawa Frączek’s creations are full of charm and originality, and accessories in intense colours or subdued shades will add to their unique character.

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