Letnie stylizacje wizytowe w modnych intensywnych kolorach De Marco 2023

Summer formal styling in fashionable intense colours De Marco 2023

Trendy colours for business, formal and diplomatic styling.

Branch openings, open-air cultural events, Harvest Festival or City Days celebrations. Summer offersa range of occasions and circumstances in which the power of colour can be used more boldly invisual styling. Intense, energetic colours are also an extremely fashionable trend at the moment,which is worth using in your wardrobe.

Our client, Member of the Management Board of the Malopolska Region – Ms Iwona Gibas, is not only a beautiful woman, but also definitely an icon of style. For the ceremonial opening of the Małopolska Voivodeship Marshal’s Office’s branch office in Sucha Beskidzka, she once again chose a Atelier De Marco tailored formal set in energetic colours, with a floral motif. Source: facebook.com

Intense colours – the fashion trend for summer 2023

Vibrant, energetic colours are one of the hottest trends in women’s fashion for the summer of 2023. Every year, spring and summer – a time when we see more and more shades that strongly allude to nature in bloom. With the selection of Viva Magenta as the colour of the year 2023, various shades of strong, both warm and cool colours – have a particularly strong presence on the catwalks of the world’s summer collections.

Juicy orange is one of the trendy shades available in our range, on our shop website and in-store at Atelier De Marco. It will be perfect for a variety of summer occasions – be it a cocktail dress, a costume or a suit.
In the picture: Cocktail dress dedicated to Iris’s wedding mum, elegant tulip cut dress – Libuches I andMaura III suit.

Warm colours, derivatives of red – such as our proposed creations in juicy orange – are ideal styles for summer, carrying a large, joyful and optimistic – particular emotional charge.

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A formal set – jacket with skirt. Comfort and elegance

Orange blazer, what to wear with?

This year’s summer is also a period when feminine, comfortable sets reign supreme – an elegant, but also very comfortable styling – ideal during the high, characteristic for the season, temperatures. The combination of a comfortable, slightly tailored jacket in a strong colour with an extremely feminine, airy maxi skirt is definitely a trend worth having in your wardrobe.

Ms Iwona Gibas – Member of the Board of the Małopolska Voivodeship, and also our long-time client, in a combination of a casual, very feminine skirt with a floral motif and a fitted waisted jacket in warm orange – presented herself during the official opening of the agenda of the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Voivodeship in Sucha Beskidzka. Source: facebook.com

Colour in the image. Strong colours for summer De Marco 2023

Trendy colours for business, formal and diplomatic styling.

The use of vibrant colour in formal styling, especially on a number of occasions during which we perform important representative functions, helps to build an image of a person who is ready for action, bold and decisive. Styling in fashionable, intense colours helps to draw attention to oneself and the content being represented – the attention of the audience and the media. Intense colours also often inspire a sense of confidence, a positive attitude and an inclination to make contact.

The use of colour in styling helps to create an image of being open to people and their needs, encouraging contact and building trust. Photo source: facebook.com

We would like to thank the Honourable Ms Patrycja Marszałek Iwona Gibas for making the photographs available to us. We wish you success, both in your professional and private life.


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