Where to buy old money women’s clothing?

Old Money Women’s Made-to-Measure Occasional Wear

Dear Sirs,

In the world of fashion, where elegance meets minimalism, it is extremely important that each creation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also unique. At our professional tailor’s workshop in Malopolska, we offer you exclusive women’s clothing that is perfectly in keeping with the “old money” style. – timeless, sophisticated and elegant.

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Elegant Clothing for Socially and Professionally Active Women

Where to buy elegant women’s outerwear? Online shop for old money women’s clothing perfect for work, meetings, conferences, symposiums, congresses

Our offer is aimed at women who appreciate high quality, comfort and the uniqueness of their clothes. Each creation is carefully designed and tailor-made to perfectly fit your individual measurements and the nature of the celebration you will attend. In our collection you will find:

  • Women’s Suits and Suits: Elegant ensembles with skirts or trousers, perfect for a variety of occasions from weddings, anniversaries, communions to corporate and state occasions. Our suits and suits are made from the finest quality fabrics for all-day comfort and style.
  • Women’s costumes and minimalist dresses: minimalist yet elegant, our women’s costumes are tailored for women who want to look professional and elegant.
  • Minimalist Diplomatic and evening creations Dresses, suits, evening suits delicately decorated with unique floral compositions, lace, feathers, zircons, pearls or jewellery buttons. Minimalist creations, with taste and a true expression of luxury.

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Polskie krawiectwo miarowe. Najlepszy krawiec damski w Polsce. Projektowanie i szycie unikatowej odzieży damskiej w De Marco

Personalised Projects

At the Władysława Frączek atelier, each design is created with the individual needs and preferences of our clients in mind. We select cuts, fabrics and embellishments so that each creation is unique and ideally suited to the figure and beauty of the person wearing it. Our designs not only emphasise beauty and elegance, but also slim the silhouette, ensuring a flawless look in any situation.

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Welcome to De Marco Minimalist exclusive womenswear in Old money style

We warmly invite you to explore our range in the De Marco online shop, where you can view our latest collections and place a bespoke order. We believe that our garments will meet your highest expectations and become an indispensable part of your wardrobe for the most important occasions.

Best regards, The De Marco Team

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