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Original evening wear – women’s suit

Exclusive women’s suits 2022

The women’s suit is definitely no longer just an elegant business outfit, worn to work.More and more, women’s suits are original – attracting admiring glances – creations, worn for “special occasions”. – formal parties, anniversaries, balls or elegant New Year’s Eve events.

Women’s suit instead of evening dress

The styling consisting of a suit, although commonly associated with rigid norms and above all professionalism, thanks to its clever complementation with thoughtful accessories and trims – is also an example of an extremely feminine and sensual outfit.

Exclusive women’s suits

The Hana III women’s suit.
A sequin-decorated tailcoat with an interesting line
beautifully refracts light, adding depth and sparkle to the composition.

This is why more and more self-conscious and daring women are opting for an evening suit instead of the classic evening dress.The right blazer/jacket and elegant trousers are ideal for women who like to stand out from the crowd or simply feel much more comfortable with trouser combinations.

The Elegant and extremely dignified Fortuna trouser,
will successfully replace even the most ornate evening gowns.

Women’s suit ideal for body shaping

The women’s suit offers a huge range of choices and styling possibilities.The jacket/jacket does not have to be characterised by a simple, traditional cut inspired by the men’s blazer.The various models available in our range mean that every woman will find the perfect solution for herself and her assets.

Elegant Lamassu women’s suit,
perfect not only for important family celebrations,
but also as an unconventional creation for galas, parties and balls.

With a well-chosen jacket, a slim waist can be nicely highlighted, the neck can be optically lengthened or fuller areas of the abdomen or hips can be cleverly camouflaged.Also, the wide range of trousers, with their different lengths and cuts, makes it possible to optically shift the focus to the areas we actually want to emphasise.

Suit – true “power dressing”

The feeling that we are well-dressed – definitely makes our confidence seen by others. The suit, both for daytime and evening wear, is one of the perfect examples of so-called ‘power dressing’, i.e. styling that at ‘first glance’ imposes the impression of meeting a woman who not only knows what she wants and how to achieve it, but above all has a leadership personality.

In this way, by choosing a women’s suit as our evening wear, we can send a clear message to those gathered – creating a business-appropriate distance and admiration, not only for our feminine beauty.

Luxurious Kamila II suit in classic black.

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