Czerwony wizytowy komplet damski Pani ministrowej Szwed Małgorzaty

Red formal women’s set. Fashionable slimming styling.

Elegant red women’s set by De Marco.

Are you looking for a style that underlines your strong personality and energy, and gets the people around you excited? Do you want to look professional, but at the same time emphasise your attractiveness and femininity? Do you want to optically slim your figure and visually add a few inches? Here is our fashionable proposal of an elegant formal set for a strong Woman of Success.

Our wonderful client, charismatic and full of energy for action – the Honourable Mrs. Małgorzata Szwed in a fashionable red Klaudyna II suit from our Diamond collection, during the opening ceremony of the renovated castle in Grodziec Śląski in the Jasienica municipality, owned by Mr. Michał Bożek.

De Marco women’s red set.

The power of colour. An exclusive set in energetic red.

The colour red has always evoked a great deal of emotion, regardless of the field in which it is used. It is a colour full of energy and strength, which has a strong impact on the recipient, attracting attention and making it impossible to pass by indifferently.When wearing a dress, costume, suit or ladies’ suit in red, we emphasise strong personality traits – temperament, charisma or courage in action. Red is precisely the right colour for situations in which we want to make our presence clearly known and draw attention to what we stand for. Shades of red are the colours chosen by people who are assertive, bold and ready to take action. This is also how they are perceived by those around them.

The Honourable Mrs Małgorzata Szwed with her spouse, Stanisław Szwed, Member of the Polish Parliament. Mrs Małgorzata’s choice of a red, formal pencil dress with a Klaudyna II jacket, perfectly emphasises her delicate beauty and at the same time her strength of character and courage, which she has displayed on many occasions as an active trade union and charity activist and as the President of the Beskid Regional Chamber of Nurses and Midwives.

Professional and feminine. Elegant red women’s power dressing set.

The Klaudyna II formal set is a set of a classic cut pencil dress with a stylish short jacket – which perfectly fits into the trend of women’s power dressing/power look. What characterises this trend? Power dressing emphasises beauty and femininity while at the same time strongly emphasising women’s strength, competence and power. Particularly characteristic of this trend are women’s suits and costumes or suits with an emphasised shoulder line and a minimalist cut. The simple, classic line of the Klaudyna II pencil dress and jacket model is a great example of a power look creation, bringing to mind icons such as Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana or Nancy Pelosi, who is still active in American politics.

Ceremonial opening of the restored castle in Grodziec Śląski in the Jasienica municipality, owned by Mr Michał Bożek.

The Honourable Ms Małgorzata Szwed in a styling based on an appointment set with a red Klaudyna II pencil dress. A great example of a creation in the power dressing trend, emphasising feminine competence, strength of character and professionalism in action.

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How to optically slim and elongate the figure through clothing?

Elegant red ladies’ set by De Marco

The Klaudyna II formal dress is also a model example of how to optically improve the proportions of the silhouette and make it slimmer through a well-composed styling. For ladies who want to slim down, and maybe even add a few centimetres, our red formal suit can be a good example of how to build a style.The Klaudyna II suit uses the same colour for both elements of the set. Both the top of the creation – a luxurious jacket – and the bottom were sewn from the same red fabric. This makes the whole look coherent and elongates the silhouette. When choosing an outfit for work, business meetings or formal events, it is also worth taking care to ensure a perfect fit. It is best to choose tailored sets with a pronounced waistline.

Elegant Klaudyna II costume/suit.
For a slimming and elongating effect on the silhouette, it is also worth “betting” on simple, classic cuts – drawing attention with chic elegance.
Claudyna II is also a model example of how the applied vertical division of the silhouette – positively affects its presentation. The jacket’s black finish and discreet hook-and-eye fastening help to visually create a vertical line along the silhouette – modelling and slimming it.

We would like to thank you – Małgorzata and Stanisław Szwed – for the opportunity to share your photographs and wish you continued success – both in your professional and private lives.

Elegant formal styling in red. De Marco Polish luxury fashion brand. Internet shop.


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