Where to buy a suit or dress for a wedding for ladies 50+? Trendy ash styles for the 2023 wedding part 2

Where to buy a suit, a dress for a wedding for ladies over 40+ 50+, 60+, 70+?

Where to buy an elegant suit for your wedding and reception? What to look for in building a grey-based styling? How do you create timeless, elegant styling for the Mum of the Wedding? We present our stylish looks for the 2023 wedding and beyond, in the fresh and incredibly glamorous colour ash.

What colour dresses for a wedding? What wedding dresses for a 50 year old woman? Fashionable ash styles for wedding 2023 part 1

Which dress or suit for the blessing and wedding?

The ideal is to prepare for such a special day as your child’s wedding and reception – two outfits: for the official part – the blessing, the ceremonies in the Church and the pre-evening part of the reception, and the second – after 6 p.m. This gives a sense of comfort and confidence that our creation is appropriate to the occasion and circumstances. However, we offer a range of alluring ash-coloured creations: ladies’ suits, dresses, gowns, costumes or suits – which successfully combine formal and evening wear. The colour is no accident. After all, light ash is a timeless, fashionable colour that suits both formal, daytime and evening occasions.

The exclusive ash-coloured Lamassu suit decorated with an original floral arrangement or the gorgeous complete dress with jacket Basileja decorated with pearls – these are perfect proposals for the blessing and wedding for the Mom of the Wedding. They will look equally beautiful during the wedding reception, including in the evening.

Stunning dresses with a silk shawl – the long dress for Nunilona Wedding Mum II and the luxurious formal dress with a pencil cut by Gracjana – are refined, dignified creations full of grace and class, in a gorgeous light ash colour.

What to style ash with? Trendy grey styling for the Wedding Mum

Thanks to its neutrality, the colour ash is perfect not only as the base and main colour of a creation for various occasions, but also as a background colour for other colours. What to combine ash with and how to wear it to look stylish and glamorous, whatever the occasion?For sure, the question of combining ash should be dictated first and foremost by the intended effect, the type of styling and above all the colour type.

The great advantage of our luxurious ash styles is that they can be combined with other elements, complemented with colour and quickly metamorphosed. In this way, we get not just one creation – but a base for many interesting compositions for different occasions. Pictured: Basileja party dress with elegant bedspread, summer set for wedding with jacket and airy skirt Iveta, visit costume Hilaria and long gown Nunilona..

While ashen suits practically everyone, additional colours do not. Ash as a light and bright colour works well in classic compositions, in duos with equally light and soft pastel colours. An outfit based on ash and pastels will look best on delicate types, such as the Slavic beauty type (in general, therefore, these will be Spring and Summer type ladies).

The beautiful Nila formal dress is the perfect option for Mom’s wedding, especially to build up the styling with a single colour. A dignified creation that inspires admiration and respect, and is a symbol of calm and balance, even on such a stressful and emotional day as your child’s wedding and reception.

If you’re a darker type, especially if you’re a contrasting type (e.g. Mrs. Winter), it’s worth complementing the ashen look with stronger, more striking colours for an even more spectacular effect. For example, an invigorating and energetic yellow, a very feminine strong pink, as well as purple, red and blue are sure to go well with ashen.

Exclusive Arletta II suit – a perfect ash-coloured proposal for a Mum for the Wedding. Thanks to its unusual line and asymmetrical ruffles at the skirt, the creation looks beautiful both in the Church, during the ceremonies and on the dance floor – at the wedding reception. Arletta II is also the perfect styling for introducing vibrant, bold colours combined with ash. Stilettos in, for example, raspberry red will completely change the face of the Arletta II set, adding specific energy and character.

Where to buy a suit or dress for a wedding for ladies 40+, 50+, 60+?

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Practical and elegant styles for 40 year olds, 50 year olds, 60 year olds, 70 year olds. Ash creations for the wedding as a guest.
Where to buy an elegant suit, dress, women’s suit for your wedding and reception? De Marco Luxury Polish clothing brand.


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