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A unique wedding dress from a designer. Creations for wedding, outdoor session

Modest wedding dress.

Have you always dreamed of a royal style wedding dress? Perhaps your ideal is a unique retro-style wedding dress that you can one day pass on to your daughter?Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important issues for many women. Especially as it is to serve not only on the wedding day, but also often during the outdoor session.

How do you choose an original, one-of-a-kind wedding dress that perfectly captures the bride’s personality while providing a unique look?

The unique custom-designed wedding dress is a way to look beautiful and original while still remaining yourself on that important day.

Designer wedding dress

Wedding dress salons have many beautiful creations on offer. However, if one dreams of a wedding creation, even the most beautiful one, which has not been created with only the figure in mind, but with a particular person in mind – the natural and best thing to do is to entrust one’s desires and expectations regarding a wedding dress to a designer.

Designing a wedding dress is an opportunity to fulfill your innermost dreams of getting married.

Taking the opportunity to design a unique wedding dress, gives you the chance to work together on the creation of your dreams.

The individual meeting, which precedes the actual working stage of the project, is a time when, in a relaxed atmosphere, we present our initial ideas, visions and perhaps the longings we have carried within us from an early age.

Vintage wedding dress

One of the more interesting and arguably worthy wedding fashion trends of recent seasons, is the return to traditional style reflected in vintage-style wedding dresses.For it is a trend that promotes not only older creations or elements of it that have been handed down for generations, but also anything that is heavily inspired by yesteryear.

If such an idea and style is particularly dear to us, it is worth working together with a designer to create a wedding dress that will impress with its original, often extremely romantic design and tailoring craftsmanship.

A unique, custom-designed wedding dress could be the start of an extraordinary tradition in our now-forming Family.

We also encourage you to work together on a wedding dress that you can successfully pass on to your offspring due to its beauty and high quality. This could be the start of an amazing and loving tradition.

Original modest wedding dress for outdoor session

A wedding dress is not only a unique outfit for the wedding day. Many times it is also the creation for an amazing outdoor photographic session.Sometimes the session takes place in a beautiful palace setting, and sometimes on the highest peaks.In such a case, the wedding dress must fit beautifully on the figure and work exceptionally well on the silhouette, while at the same time capturing what we want to keep forever not only in our hearts, but also captured in photographs.This effect is definitely achieved by entrusting ourselves to the professionalism and vision of the Designer.

Modest designer wedding dress, made-to-measure at De Marco

Taking advantage of a bespoke wedding dress design and sewing service is the perfect opportunity to, even on that special day – completely be yourself and show your character or passions through your creation.

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