Gdzie ubiera się Pierwsza dama RP? Pani Agata Kornhauser-Duda w wieczorowej garsonce z De Marco od Pani Władzi z Frydrychowic.

Slimming women’s evening suits and suits by First Lady Agata Duda

Ladies’ slimming evening suits and suits by Mrs Agata Duda

Black styling: De Marco’s luxury suits

Fashion says a lot about who we are and where we are going. Deep black has always been a symbol of class, mystery and unwavering confidence. Now, thanks to De Marco, you can step into a fashion world that exudes magnetism and unmistakable sex appeal..

Exclusive women’s suit, evening styling with trousers.

Our black formal trousers from a Polish manufacturer are a combination of perfect cut and high quality materials. If you are looking for an exclusive formal costume with trousers, De Marco has the perfect proposals for you. We offer luxurious suits with skirt and costumes with suit trousers, which combine a minimalist cut with subtle embellishments.

Black that always wins: timelessness and a slimming effect.

The colour black not only has depth and magnetism, but also extraordinary qualities. Its slimming effect is a real asset, and its timelessness means that you can easily match it with other colours and shades. Our black modern women’s suits are not only a fashionable choice, but also evidence of your fashion consciousness.

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Sensual black in detail

Slimming women’s evening suits and modern suits

In our luxury suits with skirt or with suit trousers, beautiful embellishments take on a new meaning. Jewellery ribbon and buttons add subtlety and elegance, creating a unique evening effect. You will also be delighted by the zirconia paddles in the exclusive black ensembles, which add glamour and sophistication.

Star of the evening: Evening dress

De Marco luxury modern ladies’ evening suits styling for galas, concert, banquet

Ekskluzywne wieczorowe garnitury damskie i nowoczesne garsonki De Marco. Pierwsza Dama Pani Agata Duda w wieczorowej garsonce z atelier Władysławy Frączek

The uniqueness of our creations was even appreciated by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland – Agata Kornhauser-Duda, who chose our black Robert’s evening suit for a gala concert at the Grand Theatre – National Opera, entitled “Memory and Future”. “Memory and Future”. This confirms that De Marco combines exceptional class and originality.

The power of black elegance

If you dream of distinctive, luxurious style, De Marco has the answer for you. Our black suits and outfits are synonymous with class, mystery and confidence. Indulge yourself in De Marco’s sensual red and be an inspiration to others. Now you can immerse yourself in the deep red of elegance and discover a new facet of your style.


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