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Smart casual – women’s styling for a corporate event

What to wear to a corporate event? De Marco styling for a corporate event

How to dress for a corporate event photos and inspiration on De Marco’s online shop

Styling for a corporate event

Attending a company event organised at work certainly gives you the opportunity to present yourself in a new, less formal way. So what to wear to present yourself elegantly and appropriately for the venue, while feeling freer and bolder to showcase your individual style?

Party styling with trousers

Styling for a smart casual corporate event

The smart casual style is a compromise between the casual, everyday dress code and the business attire style, which requires adherence to a strict dress code.It is characterised by unforced elegance, which is at the same time a “departure” from the usual office rules.

“Smart casual” are styles that are perfect for “looser”, less formal gatherings, such as corporate events.

The Alena coral blazer is the perfect base for smart casual styling.

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An original classic: wide-leg trousers and an elegant blouse 

De Marco Polish clothing company. Styling for a corporate event

The most important rule for smart casual styling is “less is more”. It is therefore natural to look for styles that are distinguished by high-quality materials, a suitable fit to the body type or restraint when it comes to accessories and decoration (glitter, sequins, etc.).

A natural combination, therefore, in line with the rules of business attire while leaving us more freedom, would be the classic combination of black and white.

One of the basic elements of a smart casual wardrobe
is certainly a classic white shirt
and elegant dark trousers.
In the picture: a classic combination of white and black –
elegant women’s Finola shirt and original, high-waisted Antea trousers.

For a corporate event, styles in which one particular element (e.g. interesting use of colour, decoration, design) attracts attention also work well. An example of such styling is an original jacket or dress that complements the overall look.

It is important that the individual elements of the overall look,
form a coherent, well-considered whole.
As for our Karl fancy-fashion jacket
combined with the widened, classic Lotus trousers.

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