Trendy wiosna-lato 2023. Eleganckie jedwabne sukienki w kolorze lawendy

Spring-summer 2023 trends: elegant lavender-coloured silk dresses

Spring-summer 2023 trends: elegant silk dresses in lavender. De Marco luxury styling, photos and fashion inspiration.

Wondering what’s going to be trendy for the spring / summer 2023 season? Looking for comfortable yet elegant wedding looks in natural fabrics? Planning a luxury holiday in Dubai and not sure what to pack? Here are our suggestions for beautiful silk dresses, perfect for both your dream wedding and your dream holiday.

Gorgeous creations in airy, ultra-elegant lavender-coloured silk are one of the trendiest looks for the 2023 spring/summer season.Pictured are:the luxurious Sybilla long silk dress and the enchantingly girlysilk dress for summer – Iga.Wspaniałe kreacje z przewiewnego, niezwykle eleganckiego jedwabiu w kolorze lawendy to jedna z najmodniejszych propozycji na sezon wiosenno-letni 2023. Na zdjęciu: luksusowa długa sukienka z jedwabiu Sybilla oraz urzekająca dziewczęcym urokiem sukienka jedwabnana lato – Iga.

Spring-summer 2023 trends: elegant silk dresses in lavender. De Marco natural silk dresses for the wedding.

The most fashionable colour for spring summer 2023 – Colour of the year 2023 – Digital Lavender

In the spring-summer period of this year, it is worth “betting” in your wardrobe on shades of purple that are elegant, delicate and sweet – especially the lilac and lavender shades that awaken positive energy and joy of life. These colours are strongly associated with the awakening of nature – setting the mood. Styling in powder violet irons out practically everyone, visually improving the condition of the skin and rejuvenating it. This makes this beautiful shade of purple one of the trendiest colours on wedding floors or lavish parties, as well as on social media.

Exclusive silk dresses from De Marco. Colour of the year 2023 – Digital Lavender

Silk dress in powder purple. Fashionable styling for the wedding 2023

For special occasions such as weddings, the perfect choice for 2023 will be creations that combine sensual charm, care and elegance. This is certainly the case with our unique creation made of 100% silk Sybilla.The dress in the very fashionable and at the same time chic colour of powder purple Sybilla is a beautiful proposal directly created for demanding women. The fancy, refined cut gives great freedom of movement and beautifully presents itself in the dance, while at the same time perfectly wraps the silhouette – thanks to which its assets are skilfully emphasised. De Marco natural silk dresses for weddings

Luxury silk dress for weddings and other special occasions – Sibyl. Color of the Year 2023 – Digital Lavender

The maxi dress in powder purple, Sybilla, is a creation with a casual, flared cut, which will work well both for ladies with more pronounced lower parts (bottom, hips, thighs) – for example, with a pear-shaped silhouette; and for women whose figure visually requires the addition of feminine curves. Layers, cape and asymmetry, combined with the magic of silk, create a truly regal, almost fairytale-like setting – attracting admiring glances.The 100% natural silk used in this creation is a fabric that looks like no other on the figure, while providing exceptional comfort and excellent properties. Silk is definitely a choice for years to come, especially in a beautiful lavender shade.

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How to dress for a holiday in Dubai? The most important rules of dress for women in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai is currently one of the trendiest tourist destinations – and for good reason. The largest city in the United Arab Emirates attracts visitors with its wealth, amazing architecture and different culture. It is this different culture, combined with the climate, that makes it advisable to think carefully about your planned outfits before leaving for Dubai.So what to bring and how to dress on holiday in Dubai? Above all, styling should be airy and loose, preferably in high-quality natural fabrics for our comfort. The prevailing climate – subtropical dry – means that temperatures are very high (between 25 and 29 °C in the months of December to March, and around 40-42 °C on average in summer). Rainfall is rare, and if it does occur, it is short and violent (most often between December and March). In these conditions, silk, linen or, in the version for the beach, pure cotton are therefore best suited.

The Iga summer dress is a great option for a Dubai holiday, especially if you’re heading to a club or hotel party.

The relaxed fit, airy, extremely pleasing feel of 100% silk and soothing, soft colours will work perfectly in the demanding climate of the UAE. For outings to galleries, public places, sightseeing – it is worth opting, to respect the country’s traditions, for an off-the-shoulder look such as one based on a silk maxi skirt Fiora I or trousers of Jasmina silk..

Spring-summer 2023 trends: elegant lavender-coloured silk dresses


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